Fairly new re-edit up for download on the Soundcloud. Hook it up buttercup.

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Very excited to be heading out east on Saturday to dj with Homebreakin super pal Cyclist!

Homebreakin Records comrades Woodhead and Cyclist reunite for a night of DISCO BANGERZ!

Check Cyclist's remix of the Beasties' Root Down


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It's going down Friday night at Open Studios. Get in there!

Bass Coast presents a b2b2b2b2b set with your friends Max, Darren, Sheila, Ryan and Neighbour. Hosted by the Queen of Sass Crystal Precious.

Set Times-

10 Max Ulis
1030 Ryan Wells
11 Just Sheila
1130 Woodhead
12 Neighbour
1230 Max Ulis
1 Ryan Wells
130 Just Seila
2 Woodhead
230 Neighbour
3 ???

Visuals by Bent Matter

Limited advance tickets are now available at Beatstreet, Puff Downtown and Puff on the drive, they are $18


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Call the Hotline for the location on Saturday. I'll be playing a b2b set with Andy Clockwork. We got lasers folks.

Alright, the much anticipated Rave / Fundraiser / Birthday party event of the year is near! Whether you have recovered from last year or not, it is time to get that rave gear ready for another round :) We got a killer line up of DJs/musicians, visuals artists and even laser specialists to make this a ravetastic experience you won't soon forget (just ask those who were in attendance last year :)

The amazing line-up of artists in TWO rooms is as follows:

ROOM 1: House+Techno+Rave
Music by:

Abasi vs Dave Dirk

Andy Clockwork vs Woodhead

Austin Phillips vs Matt Tecson

Howl Sound

Patrick Kelly vs Mark Bayrock vs Aaron DeLa Funk

Ryan Wells vs BIKES

DJ Siavash vs. DJ Ceebas

Dj Smoothie (on sax)

Lights | Visuals | Lasers by:
Synapse | Endorphin + Mozaic | Stimulating Emissions

Amazing Dancers by:
Zynth & Co.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ROOM 2: Ambient+Chill+Downtempo+Deep
Music by:





Nancy Dru

Raghunath / Haitch Cee

That African

The Hobbyist

Visuals by Matt Troy

There will be killer sound, amazing visuals, smart energy drinks (guess they call those Red Bull vodka these days?), and other goodies. Oh, and did we mention lasers?

Tickets will be available starting Tuesday Mar. 4 at Beat Street Records (604.683.3344), Puff Uptown (604.708.9804) and online (link coming soon) and priced as follows:

$15 / first 100
$20 / remaining
more at the door (if any left)

All proceeds from this event will go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Also, if you would like to get involved in any of the areas below, just fire off a lil' email to raveaid at

- decorations / art installations
- performance artists
- setup/tear-down
- general running around on the day of (car required)

So mark it on your calendars and let's do it again for a good cause! **


OH OH: PRIZE GIVE AWAY FOR BEST DRESSED RAVER BOY and RAVER GIRL ($50 gift certificate each to The Eatery/The General Public)

** Leave the attitude at home, bring your good vibes, and let's RAVE! PLUR. ♥ ♥ ♥

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New mix up i performed for Future Classics on a Pioneer DDJ-SR with MP3s I downloaded from the internetz. Welcome to the present future. This one's for all the lovers out there.


01. Dpat - Bloom
02. Heartbeat(s) x 8PRN - Wait
03. Sango - Here With Me
04. B-flat - Vacant Affect
05. husky - science of sleep (lakim-rework)
06. Equator Club - Believe Me
07. Tours - Tough Lately
08. Flume - Sleepless (Charles Murdoch Remix)
09. Yahtzel - Girls
10. Letherette - Cold Clam
11. Hayden James - Permission To Land (Charles Murdoch Remix)
12. LiL TexAS - My Love (Lockah Remix)
13. Abjo - TMRW
14. XXYYXX - Witching Hour
15. Druid Coak - Blue Flame
16. Mura Masa - U Me
17. 1point5 - Peanut Butter VIP
18. Abjo - Hyaku Man (one million)
19. Stwo - Money Tree$
20. Flying lotus - Puppet Talk

Facebook -
Soundcloud - @woodhead
Twitter -

Future Classics:
Facebook -
Soundcloud - @futureclassics
Twitter -
Hype Machine -
Website -

Hard link:

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surf sauna.jpg

Check this brilliant barrel shaped mobile sauna on a trailer made by some guys in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Exactly what you need if you like to surf in ice water. Mobile saunas can safe lives and toes, It's safe to say these guys know what's up. Check them out:

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Tonight is going to be tight. I'll be unveiling my new custom mapped visual testris light wall. So happy to be welcoming Jesse Bru, Dane and Late Knights Collective to Body Language.

To understand what is fully at work in the process of dance-based emancipation, it's necessary to increase the intimacy of interactions within these trance-like states. A code or shorthand for efficient physical communication develops, arising from the need to preserve movement autonomy and psychological clarity. The form and function of dance must similarly maintain a dialog, and the suspension of default modes of social interaction is a base requirement for the transcendent states demanded by dancefloors of this epoch. Rudimentary applications lead to "shut up and dance" type paradigms, which are bluntly effective, however this can stifle the technicolour creative expressions that arise from the harmonious flow of interaction vis-a-vis music and other human beings.

So say what you want, but do it with your body.

BODY LANGUAGE XI : March 21 @ The Beaumont Studios

DANE - Common Edit / Treehouse / Foosh / Red Motorbike

His debut more than a year ago at Body Language 4 was legendary. The energy of such an accomplished disco DJ in a room full of receptive souls was a unique and ephemeral experience for everyone who was there. When someone's passion speaks through their sets like Dane's does, you know you're on board not only with his selection but his overall style and approach to collecting and making music. He's got a new mix to share reflecting another 16 months of his crazy vinyl-termite antics, and we couldn't be happier to have him back.

JESSE BRU - Audio Parralax / Karat / Heart to Heart

Our dearest friend Jesse is known mostly for wearing mainly striped clothing, and spouting a "stripes for life" motto. On the side he keeps busy by consistently releasing gorgeous house music. His skill for extending a musical phrase into an infinite dusty hall-of-mirrors love-moment is unparalleled. Between his halcyon album Mid City LP on Audio Parallax and the flexible productions of his collaboration with Ryan Trann under the "Hot Keys" moniker, it's hard to name a more upstart producer on the west coast. Over the moon we are, to have him grace the decks at his first Body Language appearance.

support from

Woodhead B2B Neighbour
Late Knights Collective

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Spiltmilk has just emerged from the lab with an amazing collection of tunes. For the betterness of humanity, he's made all the experiments available for free download off his Soundcloud. Go snap it up!

Hey all friends- I just posted a FREE EP to my soundcloud - most of the tracks samples are full of stuttering scientists. The reason for these collection of songs is to bring awareness towards our personal ignorance of Canada and world's scientific truths. We continue use the money system as an excuse to destroy our world. In Canada, our conservative government has cancelled most government funded research that does not lead to profit. We also muzzle our scientists when they try to speak out against industries that poison our lands, waters, and our food supply.

We continue to poison ourselves with our own chemicals, GMO, and by using non-organic unnatural processes. We are in total awareness that we are just killing ourselves and every other plant and creature on this planet. If you think of the world as an entire whole organism, there is not a single person who would disagree with the fact that we are one very unhealthy and dying individual.

Its time regain awareness of our wholeness as one earth and stop using our own personal wealth as the excuse to ignore the truth.

Thank you for all of your listening and enjoyment and support!

Trevor Wyatt - Spiltmilk

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Very excite to return to Trucker Disco. Always super fun and funky times in the West End with a groovy crowd. MONTHLY at Heaven's Door Lounge-
1216 Bute St. (at Davie)!

with DJ & Recording Artist
Woodhead ( Homebreakin Records )

DJ Taffi Louis ( ROBOTERIA, Davie Disco Social Club)

With an assist from the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at the door and collecting donations at coat check!

BUT WTF IS Truckerdisco?
Maybe not “disco” as you know it: Italo-disco, nu-disco, forgotten & future favourites, from Giorgio Moroder to James Murphy. Audio oddities, rare grooves, and subverted visuals...
For guys, grrls, hipsters, homos, str8 friends, folks of all bearish persuasions, killer mustaches, mustache riders, muff drivers, disco dancers, sweet romancers -and maybe you, too!

just $6.12 (including fees)
[[[[update March 6: THE NEXT 20 TICKETS SOLD ONLINE ARE 2-FOR-1!]]]
19+ with 2 pieces of valid I.D. It's the law.

Twitter: @truckerdisco
Google+ Communities:
Follow the TRUCKERDISCO DJ Mix Series on SoundCloud!

I put together a playlist of some of my own disco edits to share with you:

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I love producing hiphouse jams. When i found the vocal acapella of Ora's Crab Theory I had to add it to one of the tunes i was working on. Download it on Soundcloud here:

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I'm video mapping the kid's lucky charms. This party is going to be a pot of gold.

CHARMS mesmerize all. The projection of energy and meaning are what make a physical object a CHARM. Once energized, these notorious gems become powerful units and teleport us into the worlds that we desire.

A CHARM can be a trinket, or amulet, an activated crystal, or a healing stone. A CHARM is a flavor filled quantum particle, and a modular language.

CHARMS are physical objects that can create their own ethereal experience just by simply being charged. Their heads can be spun, they may fly high in the sky, or they may dangle on our prized posessions. CHARMS may be traded, gifted, or won in a game of chance. They remain a symbol of truth, ward us from danger, and protect us from dark forces. A CHARM can be a way of life, it can be a princely person, and the subtle act of CHARM may bring us all that we desire.

CHARMS – they power our ship of life, they bring us joy, and their powerful glints may bring us our greatest desires!

All CHARMS welcome – payment will be accepted in coin, gold, silver, and plastic lizard lady money.

DJ's -

WOOD n SOO - Resoul / Butter Music

HUBBZ - Beat Street Records

SPILTMILK - Homebreakin Records

those with the coolest CHARMS gets something Fucken Awesome!

LIVE VISUALS - by LIGHTHEAD VISUALS - CHARMed by Woodhead's brain!

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I'm on visuals for this one!.

This one's for all you who were made to renegade. Freedom, self expression and defiance dominate because I WILL NOT OBEY. We’re gonna deck out the coolest space in town and get down with all our favourite DJ’s and performers. Live visuals, Arial hoop acrobatics, Burlesque and hoola hoops all around. There will be stages and dance risers for all so bring your game baby. Let’s play.

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Very excited to throw down with this highly skilled group of music lovers.
Featuring: Abasi, BIKES, Howl Sound, Juan Ton, Kid Vibe, WMNSTUDIES & Woodhead
W/ Live Visuals by BradyV
930pm - 5am
$10 All Night

Since starting off as a way to share music finds with friends back in 2010, Some Kind Of Music Blog has changed and grown into something more meaningful than we could have ever imagined. SKMB is a way for us to help expose and support the music, the events, and most importantly, the people, that we and our growing team love and believe in. Our mission is to continue supporting and nurturing creators of all sorts of music culture, globally, but most importantly, locally.

We would like to continue working towards this mission, building on it with new ways of connecting people with the many artists, crews and music lovers making this city an awesome place to be.

With no current sources of revenue and growing costs to maintain and improve our services, we are hoping to raise some money that we can put back into the blog in order to grow our reach and continue supporting the local music community.

We’re really excited to be showcasing some of our favorite local DJ’s from across the Vancouver electronic music community.

Artist Lineup:

Abasi (Intimate /
Having discovered and fallen in love with electronic music in 1991, Abasi started collecting and making mixed electronica tapes soon after. A few years and a few hundred gigs later, his record collection has grown beyond control which includes a healthy mix of all genres of music. Abasi owns/spins many different styles, but he currently specializes in house(deep,bass,garage), techno/minimal, electro*, dance-rock, italo/nu disco, disco/funk and mash-up/eclectic.

In addition, Abasi co-created the Intimate Productionscrew who rolled up their sleeves back in 2000 and have organized many legendary parties and club nights around town since then. The current list includes Deep End Fridays, Spotted Saturdays and the Legendary Long Weekend series. He has played locally at almost all Vancouver clubs as well as in the UK, US and China, and festivals around BC.

Although still a relative newcomer to the west coast dance music scene, Shawn Henderson, aka BIKES, has managed to make a name for himself in the 3 short years since first being introduced to house music. From holding down multiple residencies in Vancouver to traveling to South Africa in spring 2012 to play gigs in Cape Town and perform at Afrika Burn (SA’s regional burning man event), it’s fair to say the choice to pursue DJing was the right one. Paying careful attention to the energy of the dance floor at all times, his sets tend to run the gamut of house while demonstrating an intuition and taste of a selector far beyond his years. 2013 saw him make the jump from DJ to producer with the release of his debut EP Retrograde. Characterized by its soulful sample selections and live instrumentation, the release pays homage to his beatmaking background within a 4x4 framework. With a new EP in the works and some exciting gigs lined up for the summer, BIKES looks forward to what 2014 has in store.

Howl Sound
Deep bass, jacking beats, and catchy hooks just are a few inspirations that brought Howl Sound into existence. Born out of many late nights, deep in the forests of North Americas west coast, howling to beat of many forest raves; this was the basis for what became, drawing a strong connection not only to the underground, the obscure, but also the beauty of life itself in all of its forms. Howl Sound is the result of a long time friendship between fellow djs U-Tee and Sean 314. After years of playing apart, both members began sharing slots with each other, quickly forming a strong bond on stage. Two years later, it felt only natural to take that chemistry from behind the decks and apply it to their own productions. Howl Sound are known for playing anything deep and groovy, melding between house, techno and bass music. What is most important is always staying fresh and having fun.

JUAN TON (Electric Input / FVDED)
Jaun Ton is a talented audio engineer, DJ and member of Electric Input, a collective of Vancouver DJs and producers who strive to create a positive vibe through electronic music, as well as put on events at various venues around the city. He is no stranger to the scene, and holds a resident spot with, specifically their FVDED nights.

Kid Vibe (Vibrations)
Kid Vibe, the eclectic DJ and music producer, has a knack of showcasing the various elements that encompass the underground dance music scene.
His journey into music started at a young age, but as he grew older, his curiosity led him to a more directed focus towards House music. His fascination with House music and dance culture led him to pursue DJing where he has been able to spread his experiences towards a larger audience throughout his hometown of Vancouver (Fortune Sound) and Tokyo (New Lex).
It was only a matter of time before producing was to become a structured habit. Creating songs that include elements of Deep House, Jackin', and even Hip Hop, Kid Vibe has been able to successfully distribute his music through some of House musics premier underground labels. These include Connect-d, MIAUDIO, Dufflebag Recordings, Bid Muzik, and a slew of others. He has received support from world-class DJ's such as MK, Scott Diaz, and Mark Farina. As well, he has achieved success from various European radio stations including Romania's Dance FM where he had produced the most requested song of 2013. Kid Vibe's journey through music production continues to evolve, hoping to one day solidify his name right next to his peers.

WMNstudies are Zach Smith & Nathan ‘Savemeboots’ Samson . After meeting in 2010, the duo based out of Toronto and Vancouver respectively have risen to international recognition with their many remixes, including Ryhe’s Open and Mereki’s ‘Blue Lake’, both of which reached the top remixed track on the Hype Machine, generating exposure from blogs such as Golden Scissors,Hilly Dilly and Gotta Dance Dirty. Since then the duo has released official remixes for Mereki (of Goldroom fame), Bestie and Pat lok and have been keeping busy sharing the stage with such acts as Disclosure, Flume, Breakbot, Flight Facilities, Classixx, Goldroom, Duke Dumont, John Talabot, Alex Metric, Moon Boots, Holy Ghost, and Anna Lunoe, just to name a few. Being big supporters of the local scene, the duo have been throwing many underground parties as well as started a monthly party in Vancouver called White Noise, showcasing some of the best house and disco acts in the industry, as well as taking up residencies in many of Vancouver’s best clubs. Look out for new releases on the way as well as extensive touring from these two.

Woodhead ( Homebreakin Records / East Van Digital )
Vancouver's Darren Woodhead is a West Coast institution. Having cut his teeth touring Western Canada and the States with punk bands, he picked up DJing from one of his band mates. He then went on to host the now legendary Sauna Sessions podcast, broadcasting live from a mobile sauna party somewhere in East Van, and hosted the hugely popular Signal Saturdays at the now defunkt Lotus Lounge. He was a mainstay at the Renegade stage at another fabled West Coast festival, Soundwave. Fast forward to the present and Woodhead has played every big festival in Western Canada to much aplomb. Famous for marathon sets at hours no one in their right mind wants to play, Woodhead thrives playing for people who want to keep the vibe alive. Whether the crowd is in the thousands or single digits he makes sure everyone is dancing.

Poster Design by Tim Rolls-
Live Visuals by - Bradyv -

Full Bar
No Coatcheck
Message Steph, Nickolas or SKMB for location details

Special thanks to
Matt Troy -

Connect with us

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This Monday we kick off March's Recovery Room series with a long time supporter and West Coast favourite WOODHEAD. One of Vancouver's hardest working performers, with productions distributed on several labels including Homebreakin Records, East Van Digital, and Punchout; you can also find Woodhead performing under the super group CPYPHS, where he teams up with S2.

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The first of my new podcast series highlighting music and styles i don't normally play out at clubs. Recorded in my living room while day dreaming. Track list below:

Day Dreams Podcast Vol. 1 by Woodhead on Mixcloud

01- Milton jackson - Don't Worry About The Drums
02. Axel Boman - Purple Drank
03. Sandrow M - The Three Trees
04. Borrowed Identity - Dans La Nuit
05. Autem - Syno
06. Kink - Bitter Sweet
07. Leon Vynehall - I Get Mine, You Get Yours
08. Medlar - terell (Biceps Brooklyn Shuffle)
09. Melja - Fortune
10. Chez Damier - Untitled
11. Bicep - Stripper
12. Romanthony - Bring U Up (PBR Streetgang Remix)
13. Laberge - Falling Away (Chris James Re-Dream Remix)
14. Martijn - FYI
15. Say Lou Lou - Julian (HNNY Remix)
16. Ross Couch - Somebody Like You
17. Pezzner - Blacklist (Stimming Remix)
18. Lee Foss - Warriors
19. Martyn - What Is Room 101
20. Tom Demac - In Your Eyes (Wolf + Lamb Remix)
21. Lovebirds - The Rain (Steve Bug Remix)
22. Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt

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Looking forward to checking out this much talked about establishment. I'm doing the late shift, 3am-6am styles. The weather has been amazing here all week so i know It's going to be a party,

Vancouver’da gerçekleşen meşhur Body Language partilerinin yaratıcısı Woodhead şehrimizi şenlendiriyor. Daha çok maraton setleriyle tanınan bu eğlenceli karakter Kanada elektronik müzik dünyasının en önemli figürlerinden biri.

Önündeki kalabalığın birkaç ya da binlerce kişiden oluşması önemli değil, Woodhead kabinde olduğu sürece herkes dans eder!

Tarih: 15 Şubat Cumartesi.

Bad translation:
Creator of the famous Body Language that took place in Vancouver parties Woodhead city topping. More Marathon recognized with this fun character is one of the most important figures in the world of electronic music in Canada.

In front of a crowd of a few or thousands of people, it doesn't matter, as long as everyone in the cabin Woodhead dance!

Date: Saturday, February 15. (Translated by Bing)

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Our Sauna Master Karlis K is launching his book and it's amazing!

Come out to celebrate the launch of:


Come hear from East Vancouver author and founder of the BC Mobile Sauna Society, Karlis Kalnins. You can buy it online in advance: -- Or you can pick one up at the event and get it signed!

There will be a brief presentation, refreshments and a surprise.

Please come for 8pm, and bring a donation to cover the costs of the event and a donation for the BC Mobile Sauna Society if you feel inspired.

BC Mobile Sauna Society Member,
Adrian Sinclair

Location: 1528 Venables St, Vancouver


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I'll be hitting up Gorgomish after After to drop a few tunes with Abasi as well.Aspect Media Presents... AFTER

TONIGHT @ Studio East
Open 12-LATE

Featuring Music by...

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Venturing out to the Deep End tonight at Anza Club. Got some deep cuts lined up.

First Nautilus of 2014!





Open Decks: 8-10

$3 at the door. Free pool. Free darts. Casual warm comfy room and the best music all night long.

Don't forget to join the Nautilus group either:

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Recorded Live on CJMP in Powell River last Friday.

The following all are words from WOODHEAD'S bio:

... institution, cut, punk, mates. Sauna, somewhere, hugely, stage, fabled, present, aplomb. Famous, wants, want, digits, studio, having, stalwarts, co-organizes, true, rave, guaranteed, bring, wooden, box, rugged, coast? Clyphs, Homebreakin...

webinar (Punchout!)

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Setting up visuals mapping here tonight.

NEW YEARS 2014 at Electric Owl

PILLOWTALK (live) (Visionquest, Wolf + Lamb, Smoke N' Mirrors)
SAMMY D (Visionquest, Wolf + Lamb)

Party of the year to kick off 2014!

We are pleased to announce New Years 2014 at Electric Owl Social Club!

We look forward to ringing in 2014 with you!

We have regular admission tickets and VIPs for groups of 10.

Get tickets:

VIP Package for 10

- Bottle of Champagne with glass flutes
- 2 Premium Bottle with 2 mixers and Redbull
- Full VIP cover for the entire night
- Complimentary Coat check
- VIP host/server

For booth reservations and bottle service inquiries please contact nye {at}

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I'll be playing music from 11-12am. It's such an honor for me to be a part of this with one of the best couple of crews in the city. info:

"WE, the Sasspots, WE who live beneath this shiny new city of ports and shores, between these streetlights and steel-interrupted sunsets.... WE, in the shadows of this retracting spaceship landscape... WE of these tall jags of high cement towers and bottomless pits, the digging of which rattle our spines and hearts.... WE of the cracks and crevices between the swept streets and the empty recycle bin promises... WE of the dim lights and glittering eyes and low sounds... WE, who see and hunt and live for the simplest of beauties – WE, the Sasspots, do declare a very necessary night of wild abandon FREE of prying eyes."

JOIN US as we step through mineshafts into the caves of the deep city belly... delving low and far enough that we unlock the spirits of the UNDERGROUNDS PAST. Gold rush miners, can can girls, and SALOON courtesans; flappers, dames and SPEAK-EASY mobsters; travelling CIRCUS performers and luscious OPIUM DEN velvets; rowdy and vivacious off-duty tradesmen, sailors and steam workers; golden era BACKLOT starlet-wannabes, vintage pin-up centrefolds, and of course, BURLESQUE STRIPTEASERS.

They always knew how to have the most fun. And it almost always had to be in secret.

Let's remember together. Doors at 10pm... we go LATE.

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Put a quick mix together for Manuscript Recs. featuring some of my favorite tracks of late 2013.

01. Detroit Swindle - The Break Up
02. Pablo Valentino - One (Detroit Swindle Perspective)
03. Hot Natured - Reverse Skydiving (Low Steppa Regroove)
04. Palace - Dreamscape
05. Celsius - Incoming
06. Mj Cole - Sincere (Tanka's Birthday Booty)
07. Animist - Tin Head Bump
08. Toyboy & Robin - Jaded
09. Storm Queen - Look Right Through (GotSome Animal Style VIP Remix)
10. Bloc Party - Montreal (Ejeca Remix)
11. Celsius - Must Be You
12. DJ Haus - Trumpet & Badman
13. Squarehead - No One Has To Know

hard link:

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Amped to return to Gorgomish this Friday night. We're going late.






Kiko Recordings





Each and every Friday when the clubs close down, Gorg-O-Mish After Hours comes to life. Featuring a blend of both Vancouver's hottest local acts and amazing international talent, GORG FRIDAYS are the only place to hear the best underground electronic music that the world has to offer. Open from 2AM to 7AM, Gorg-O-Mish keeps the party going as long as you can keep dancing! Get on the guest list today by emailing!


Doors: 2:00 AM

Note: This is Friday's after hours party, commencing at 2:00am on what is technically Saturday.

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Looking forward to rolling with my @Intimate family.

With fresh snow on the ground, holiday music on the radio and tacky sweaters everywhere... it can mean only one thing... it's time again for Intimate's Annual Xmas Holiday party!

..::DEEP END::..

Intimate Holiday Party

Join us Friday December 27th as Intimate Productions celebrates the best of the season with our friends and family at ginger62.

Fri.Dec.27 | Ginger62



$10 cover. 11pm


For Birthday & Stagette packages please contact
(604) 678-8991

For VIP Table Service, please contact

with support from
Some Kind Of Music Blog

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The spot is decorated to the max from what i've seen, these guys have put much work into this space. Really excited about this party the line-up is crazy.



The Warehouse Grand Opening


9pm Sat December 21st, 2013
Doors Open: 9pm - 6am

This is the start of something very special! Please come and support this cause! We have converted an old grow warehouse into an experience that you will not soon forget! This particular event will also be part of CrashCourse (DJ/Producer)'s The Finer Things EP release tour!

This warehouse WILL have many wonderful times to come if we can get it off the ground! Vancouver Island needs something like this and it will be a wonderful venue to showcase much talent in the future!


Grimekeepa - 9pm-10pm

Apatchi 10pm-11pm

CrashCourse 11pm-12:30pm

Woodhead 12:30pm-2am

Fedski 2am-3am

Jennay Badger 3am-4am

Subclaim 4am-5am


Grimekeepa -

Apatchi -

CrashCourse -

Woodhead -

Fedski -

Jennay Badger -

Subclaim -

EVERY one of these artists were carefully selected from the adventures of festival season 2013, each bringing something special to the table.



The location will be in the Cowichan Valley centrally located between Nanaimo and Victoria, on Vancouver Island. There will be a shuttle service provided from a nearby parking lot to get guests to and from the warehouse.

Parking Location TBA 24 hrs before event.

Shuttle times to The Warehouse are 8:45pm-11:00pm. Shuttle times returning to the parking lot are 2am-6am.

Please note that you cannot drive to the event on your own! You must take the shuttle as there is not sufficient parking at The Warehouse.
Alcohol is not permitted. Smoking is also not permitted inside the warehouse, however an outdoor smoking pit will be provided.


We have a limited amount of tickets. Pre-sale tickets available for $25 below and $30 at the door.


We hope this will be an unforgettable experience for you all, we do it for the love of the culture. See all you lovelies there!

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Nanaimo this Friday! Show will be broadcasted on air on 101.7 fm (localy) and online at

LIVE! AT CHLY Global Headquarters
Tix- $10:00 at the door
Doors open at 7PM

Winter is drawing in close so lets warm things up with a night of House DNB and Breaks. This night is bound to heat things up! Join Fedski, Daradata, PhanieSte, Beat Junky and Woodhead as we Celebrate the beginning of a new winter at CHLY Global Headquarters

This evenings line up :

08:00 PM - Fedski
09:00 PM - PhanieSte
10:00 PM - Daradata
11:00 PM - Beat Junky
12:00 AM - Woodhead

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We're hosting the Vancouver Push tour tomorrow at 2pm at School of Remix DJ & Music Production Lessons & Gear. Join us, We'll cover the ins and outs of composing music and automating effects fully hands free of your computer with Ableton's newest instrument.

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This party is to raise money for the Empty Stocking Fund. Lets get cosmic at the planetarium.

Hi everyone! The Cosmic Christmas Party is just around the corner, and we are really stoked by the response so far. Before the night is upon us there are a few things we would like to remind everyone of that will help take it from a killer party to an event of cosmic proportions! Perhaps even more important than having a very nice time, this event is in support of a very worthwhile cause. This year marks the the 95th anniversary of the Province's Empty Stocking Fund, a charity that has been helping families and other Vancouverites in need during the holiday season. Let's do this!! And make it their best year ever! In order to do this please remember to bring $20 or an unwrapped gift (kids 6 months-16 years) for donation upon arrival. As well we are having a raffle featuring awesome prizes generously donated by our good friends at Endeavor, Cottonmouth, Inner Space Yoga, Pizza Carano, Menu Skate Shop, Airhole, Red Dragon Apparel, Lords of Gastown, Daybreak Spa and Pender Harbour Resort. We want to say thanks for all of the support we have received so far, and still welcome prize donations. Let's do it for the kids! Now... TO THE MOON! -Greg

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Can't wait to party with some of my favorite people. Lights Out Crew!****************************LIGHTS OUT******************************
7$ B4 11 / !0$


Woodhead (Body Language/Homebreakin')

That African (Perception)

Sam Demoe (Blueprint/#FVDED)

Decipher (Application Audio)

Application (IGU/Application Audio)

FrumLater (RvrsNrs/Arcade)

Barlee (Lights Out/#FVDED)

just to cut to the chase, we are having a HUGE christmas party and everyone is invited. this will prolly be the best option to ring in the holidays proper with friends & family, so lets all go and have the greatest times dancing our hearts out with all your favorite peoples :)

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