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Our good friends Houle Sound put out a new mix and it's fantastic! Features their unreleased remix of Clyphs! Coming out on Homebreakin Records this summer.

This is the HouleSound Guest Mix for SKMB, early promo/ sneak peak for their debut EP "We're Here".

Track name/Artist

The essence of time/subnote
Funky hand (original)/softash
Depth from above (original)/ben Clarke
Age like wine feat mr. archive (ryan wells)/chadio, bevvy swift
Remember (original)/jaymo & andy George
Steps (original)/kingswood
Lost (original)/leftwig & amp
Love , life & laughter (mennie & Mario piu )/mould , niko de vries
All night (original)/rue jay , ic3 cream social
Get up and dance (loop remix)/emb project
Say what (original)/disko biskits
Deep inside/scott diaz
Got to make it (houlesound remix)(unreleased)/clyphs
Rondo (original)/torren foot
Forget you (original)/ali scott
Music is magic (dcup deep bitch remix)/silverstar
Slow down (dusky)/racknruin
Adapt (original) /houlesound
My house/grandtheft
Cockiness/Jonas jr
Status quo/rouge mcgowin
2nd base(original)/houlesound
trust your body /tiga/jori hulkkonen
swollen (original)/maher Daniel , rychard
make some music (brendon moeller hard bop dub)/tanka
independence (original)/doomwork
mit liese auf der wise (max cooper’s melt remix)/extrawelt
safety off/cari lekebusch
coefficient /j Phlip
hypnotizing (original)/bart skils
together (remix)/dj ron vein
techno corner (original)/julian jewel
crash out/marqueti
hot knives (slam remix)/slam
Hyroglyphics (original)/houlesound

Special thanks to everyone at Some Kind Of Music Blog(SKMB) for your continued support.

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Conveniently located on the water under the Oak Street Bridge. Exact location released on the Day.

Old School Warehouse SPARKLE PARTY!!!!

Awesome DJs including:

Steamboat Fattie (aka Mark Brennan)
Dj Smoothie,
DJ Darren Woodhead
DelayNoMore (aka Abasi + DJ Ceebas)

With amazing BURLESQUE performances by the mezmerizing Lola Frost and Cherry OnTop.

Custom Cocktail Bar by one of Vancouver's premiere bartenders.

Awesome Decor

Wicked Sound

On the water

With awesome people


More More More!

10 bucks at the door.

Dress to impress. Sparkles, glitter and shiny skimpy outfits STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!!

No sketchiness.

You should totally come.


More info:

As some of you may or may not know, we are in the process of opening a Distillery. The City of Vancouver made an egregious error and has cost us, lets just say, ALOT of $$$. We have taken it upon ourselves to make back some of that money in the best way we know how: By having a ridiculously good time with all of our friends.

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As the cloudy curtains draw back and the light shines through on another Vancouver summer, we are reminded that we live in an irrefutably beautiful city. Blasts of sun and mild air send us careening through the streets on foot and on our bicycles seeking beach time, quality dancefloors, and strange encounters. It's the time of year when even if it's been gloomy outside, the next nice day is going to cause paroxysms of joy. It's in that spirit that we offer up the next Body Language, always and forever a celebration of our own city's talent.



Visual environment by LIGHTHEAD
4-Corner Sound
Classy Drankz
No D-Bags

It's a great time of year for a BBQ and a stellar all-locals dance party.

fb: https://www.facebook.com/events/625743654102471/

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I'm a huge fan of the band The Belle Game. When they asked me to remix their song River I rushed into the studio to play with their lush sound stems. The tune proved to be a challenge being in 3/4 time but I somehow managed to bend it into a 4/4 time signature. I love the vocal, so haunting and powerful. I hope you enjoy.

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I'm on Lighthead duty tonight. Lets go!
Wood 'n' Soo present:

JPOD The Beat Chef (Swingset Sounds, JPODTBC.com)

JPOD’s signature sound combines dropkick drums, bobblehead bass and intelligent instrumentation that uniquely represents the flowering West-Coast Canada flavor. With highly original productions, remixes and an innovative DJ style, JPOD’s live performances never fail to impress listeners and dancers alike, invariably creating an army of smiling faces.

Having toured in Western Canada, Australia and West Coast US at both clubs and festivals, JPOD continues to energetically spread his sound to all open ears.

http://jpodtbc.com/ | https://www.facebook.com/jpodtbc | https://soundcloud.com/jpodtbc

Wood 'n' Soo (Ghetto Funk, Re:Soul Records, East Van Digital)

Known for their genre-defying mix tapes and 4-turntable performances, DJs Wood ‘n’ Soo have proven time and again their ability to rock just about any crowd that’s put before them. Since joining forces in 2004 they have attained a world wide cult following and shared the stage with an impressive list of international talents, including the likes of DJ Z-Trip, Bassnectar, Afrika Bambaataa, Q-Bert, DJ NuMark, Stanton Warriors, Shy FX, Zion I, South Rakkas Crew and many more. With a slew of chart-topping releases in the last few years, Wood 'n' Soo have been rocking dancefloors with their unique, funky, and bass-driven tunes receiving support from DJs around the world. On the strength of their diverse and bass heavy 2 x 4 sets, they have rocked clubs across the country and become mainstays of Vancouver’s night life scene.

http://woodnsoo.com/ | www.facebook.com/woodnsoo | www.soundcloud.com/wood-n-soo

Casio Copilot (https://soundcloud.com/casiocopilot)

Sound by Application Audio | Visuals by Lighthead Visuals

Friday, May 31st

The Anza Club - 3 W 8th Ave Vancouver

9pm - 2am | 19+ ID required


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So honored to play along side two original west coast techno heavyweights this Saturday at Open Studios. Mathew Jonson is playing a live set! This guy makes some of the most unique and beautifully twisted techno that has influenced artists all over the world. We're also celebrating 10 years of Open Studios much appreciated contribution to our city and culture. Join us!

Open Studios is happy to invite back MATHEW JONSON for its 10 year anniversary.

Mathew Jonson LIVE

MATHEW will be unveiling his long-awaited second artist album on Crosstown Rebels this summer. He's developed one of the most distinctive voices in electronic dance music: when you hear one of Jonson's tracks, you almost immediately know it's his. And yet there's no mistaking any given track for another.

His music offers a rare fusion of populist intensities and nuanced musicality. With a keen understanding for the needs of the dancefloor and the universal laws of house and techno, he's thrown out the rule book time and time again, sneaking tricks learned from electro and even drum'n'bass into minimal clubs, and loading up his B-sides with tracks that do what they damned well please. (No kick drum? No problem.)


James Boatman

Co Founder of WHFM.




Woodhead has a slew of exceptional releases on Homebreakin, Punchout & East Van Digital, that prove he is an ace producer in addition to his already spectacular skills as a DJ, his sets setting him apart from the imitators hoping to recreate even a sliver of the magic seen at many outdoor festivals and venues for years.


and Visual Artists


BentMatter is working on a new video installation that is sure to impress.


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I'm performing live visuals tonight at this unique event on Commercial Drive.


We will celebrate with a purpose as we gather for our third event at the beginning of summer. The last event at The Legion on Commercial Drive went so well that we decided to hold it there again, this time with a brand new set of community submitted projects looking to make their dreams a reality with your help.

The New Democratic Dance Party (NDDP) is a local organization that aims to fund substantial community projects. The NDDP fuses dance-culture with direct democratic process, whereby funds gathered through admission are pooled to form a grant. The grant is awarded on the evening of the party through a live voting system.

Our first and second events were big successes, we gave out $2000 for our first grant and over $2800 for our second one.

This would not have been possible without the generous donations of time from our organizers, artists, volunteers, presenters, and sponsors, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts.

This time we hope to refine the model and again help our community achieve it's dreams, and have a lot of fun while we do it!

We need your support to generate the highest possible grant, so please share this event with your friends.

19+ licensed only $15 @ the door because we love you!

4 NEW FINALISTS ANNOUNCED, they are, in no particular order:

Idle No More - Artists in Solidarity
"Surface Tensions: Decolonization of local spaces"
This group showing of artwork aims to provide both First Nations’ and settlers’ perspectives on themes associated with First Nations rights and autonomy, decolonization, and environmental issues. Opening on Canada Day 2013, this show offers a voice of anti-colonialism in response to a day that commemorates a legacy of on-going racism and environmental exploitation. This show will provide safe and respectful spaces for the expression of multi-vocality associated with the Idle No More Movement, and the reality of the entanglement of diverse communities within this current Canadian landscape.


BC Mandate Party X

PartyX is a non-partisan movement working towards a new, deeper and stronger form of democracy through the development of online tools that connect people and ideas. We are working to revitalize politics by making policies, issues and ideas as accessible as the online social networks we already know and love.

Webpage: www.bcmandate.ca

******************************************************************The Rise of the DDP

From time immemorial, human beings have gathered at night to sing and dance and celebrate life; to share music and laughter and set their spirits free.

But with the rise of modern civilization, all public life became regulated and commodified, the traditions were lost, and the soul of Partying faded further and further from memory...

But we have a plan.

A plan to restore the soul and ensure that Partying is respected, legitimized and forever enshrined as a cultural institution of paramount importance. One which will soon rise to reshape the world.

It's called Tom and Gary's Decentralized Dance Party AKA The Party Revolution.

Webpage: http://kck.st/WOwhX1

Creating Change: Environmental Campaign Workshops

As a democracy, we've got the ability to rally together to create environmental change, but it can be a pretty daunting thing to do! How do you get public support for an idea? What are the best practices for creating a strategy? And how can you do all of the above while being environmentally conscious? The Starfish aims to host public workshops that will teach local youth how to make a difference through environmental campaigning. These workshops will include concepts of team dynamics, conflict resolution, lobbying, and others that will help shape the environmental leaders of tomorrow.

Webpage: thestarfish.ca/


Local audio sponsorship by:

**WILLISIST** SHAHdjs (Vancouver BC)

Deep and rolling DnB, chuggy thick half time, positive uplifting celebratory enthsiastic music. Close your eyes and listen closely, there are layers, and shifts. You will end up in a different place, exactly where you are.
For the love of Drum and Bass, this is Willisist, founder of the SHAHdjs and since 2007 he has opened or hosted for the likes of Calibre, Dub FX, Dub Phizix, D-Bridge, Aphrodite, Blu Mar Ten, Breakage, High Contrast, Shimon, Pendulum, Von D, Netsky and dozens more.

**LYSSA** (Victoria BC)

Lyssa is passionate about art, clothing & costume design, music, & dancing. Her first appearance as DJ "Lyssa" took place in 2005. Having spent 11 years in Mexico, and being fortunate enough to be exposed to Latin culture, she has a strong desire to explore her roots in her musical selections. Lyssa's style could be described as sexy, smooth, organic, & classy, depending on what what mood we catch her in, expect anything from deep rolling Chicago house to quirky & bouncy Latin house..

Lyssa has had the privilege of performing at summer festivals such as Shambhala Music Festival, Victoria Electronic Music Festival, Entheos Gathering, Bushwacked, Fozzyfest, Uprising, and Solaris. She made Victoria her home in spring 2007, and you can catch her performing regularly at some of the city's coolest lounges & underground hotspots like Hush, The Sunset Room, Temple, Cenote & The Mint.


The VHS was Amenda's first creative medium for making mixtapes while still in her single digits. Additional experiences with woodwind instruments led a natural transition from bedroom DJ to the dance floor, allowing efficacious beat-matching from square one, with a first love in UK Garage classics.

Amenda's influence on the scene was quite prevalent as a co-founder of the Flydjs initiative beginning in 2005, Kelowna, BC. JGirl as founder and partner led impactful projects such as female DJ lessons which resulted many successful women in the DJ scene when they were scarce, still active today from the first lessons. Her heavy involvement landed her gigs in countries such as USA, England, Spain and Germany.

More recently, you will see her participating in events which support social responsibility or she's actively pursuing design to push the experience and brand of her local team slowdjs and their affiliates.

**FRITZ THE CAT** (Toronto ON)

Fritz The Cat, AKA Jesse Fritz is one of THE ORIGINATORS of the NDDP Vision, and we are thrilled to have him back in BC to play a set for us. Also, it's his birthday! So we are going to all throw him a heck of a party.

Jesse has always told himself that he belongs on the dance floor or behind the scenes of dance culture. But aside from producing events, and always being the last to leave the floor, Jesse has had an addiction to searching out dope new sounds. After building up a collection, he feel it's only right to share this music with those who might not ever hear otherwise.


Lighting and visuals by LIGHTHEAD

Performance by FERALESQUE


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Heading out the door early today to drive out to the Kootenanys. Playing at Spirit bar in Nelson Sat. then dropping an afternoon set at Kootenanny Fest Sunday.
Schedule is up!

See the website for more info:



Think old style rave... well sorta... you may have noticed the website was down all last year.... . This was to prevent prying eyes or the powers that be from seeing that which is meant for the eyes of Time Lords aka Kootenanny attendees.... :-)

However, since making Kootenanny the Annual Meeting of the Time Lords... we are a legitimate freak club... so what?! We have a whole new website too.. check it out! http://www.kootenanny.lovefire.ca/ There's a gallery and some vids to tantalize your senses.

Some of the features this year include: A Hottub, Sauna, Showers, 3+ days of music, VIP kitchen, Vendors, Local Scenery for amazing hiking and adventures including a waterfall, soft mossy thick treed forests and giant rocky cliffs. A TARDIS (time and relative dimensions in space machine), a spectacular full light show, video projection, pole dancers, Dj's, producers, bands, poets, professionally managed sound for high quality undistored bass, a watering hole, a bigger better octagonal Sanctuary...and more surprises.

Bring your fire toys, your light toys, your hoops, your badminton raquets, your birdies and your balls! And this year, add to that your sonic screwdrivers, your companions, your bow ties and your charm! ♥

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This three song mini Ep is inspired by Bass Coast Festival. We're amped to be playing music there in August. Bring on summer!

Vancouver’s Clyphs make music to win raves to. Download Clyphs The Bass Coast EP for free via Bandcamp: http://www.clyphs.bandcamp.com/album/basscoast-ep
Comprised of festival heavyweights Woodhead and S2, the pair log more hours on the rave circuit than there are in a year. Seasoned veterans of B.C.’s big three, Shambhala, Soundwave(RIP) and Bass Coast, as well as the Vancouver and Nelson nightlife scenes respectively, Clyphs are well aware of what music sounds best at 6 in the morning, drinking a vodka-gin out of a wine bottle and wearing a wedding dress. Naturally, they have titled their new collection of tunes the Bass Coast EP. Look for a seven track album coming soon from the illustrious Homebreakin’ Records.
Drawing influence from the best of garage, vocal house, and techno, with enough analog synths to make Giorgio Moroder look like a hobo, the two have created a sound perfect for winding the party up, or gearing it down. I mean, Clyphs were meant to be jumped off, right?

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Honored to support one of BC's finest exports MATHEW JONSON at OPEN STUDIOS 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. I have a deep love for this space. A cultural hub and supporter of excellent underground dance music for a decade. Big love to Bentmatter and Open Studios crew.

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Friday @ The Imperial (formerly District 319) 319 Main St

Caveology Presents: Cave Decompression Sessions # 2

Friday May 10th 9pm-1am

319 Main st (Main and Cordova)

This is an unofficial grand opening of the sexy new Vancouver venue: The Imperial. (formerly District 319)

Featuring local favorites:


One part sexy robot and one part aerobics instructor, Matt Dauncey has managed to find the middle ground between music and athletics. By harnessing the power of wrestling suits, tennis sweatbands, vintage synthesizers, and electric guitar, Neighbour has tapped into an ancient power-source that has given him the capacity to conjure up frenzied dancefloors wherever he is needed. Through a mysterious process that involves not one, but TWO gigantic crystals, the Homebreakin Records co-owner has managed to combine the raw ecstacy of the early days of disco with razor-sharp futuristic production.



Woodhead has a slew of exceptional releases on Homebreakin, Punchout & East Van Digital, that prove he is an ace producer in addition to his already spectacular skills as a DJ, his sets setting him apart from the imitators hoping to recreate even a sliver of the magic seen at many outdoor festivals and venues for years.



Ninja gymnast assasin DJ. Dustin is the best.


Advance tickets available online only $10:


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Much fun has been going down on Tuesdays in Shine's cozy backroom. Next Tues i play music with Neal B Barlee and Kline. Join up!

as keep gettin it in LIGHTS OUT on TUESDAYS to speeding up our week for the weekend, i gots the homie WOODHEAD coming thru for a dance lesson for all of us. this man knows how to throw down some serious tuunes to keep yur feet movin' and movin' which we allll like to do :)

$5 B4 12 - $7 AFTER


BARLEE 11-12

WOODHEAD 12-1:15






****************L I G H T S O U T TEAM*********************



*BARLEE* [Certified G]



*TUCKER FOLDIN* (aka Chadio) [Imaginations Treetrunk/East Van Digital]

*RYAN WELLS* [slowdjs.com/East Van Digital]

*MYLES AWAY* [Integrated Grime Unit/Really Good Recordings/East Van Digital]

*CHERRIE P* [PhilthKids/Aufect]

*KLINE* [Chapel Sound]

I'll be having sum pretty dope peeeps rollin in here.


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April 27 The Beaumont

cy·cle (skl)

1. a. A single complete execution of a periodically repeated phenomenon
2. (Music, other) a group or sequence of songs
3. (Computing) one oscillation of the regular voltage waveform used to synchronize processes in a digital computer

A snake eating it's own tail. That guy walking past the coffee shop with intense eyes, in the same spot as a week ago (did he just do some massive lap?). You've got tons of energy, doing it to the max, then all of a sudden- reclusive and charging back up. Come to think of it, music taste is pretty cyclical! Wait a year or two and your favourite stuff will be on top again. Or, jump onboard the cycle and ride it 'til the wheels fall off.

A good friend though, keeps as tight an orbit around you as possible, in each their own way. Seasons come and go, life changes in broad strokes and somehow still they're there. With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to a couple friends of mine, the two headliners for Body Language 7.

Cal Bass

Founder of Homebreakin Records, player of ball-hockey, and father of one (dog), the incomparable Cal Bass is practically an institution in his city of Calgary. Having started promoting and DJing shows at the ripe age of 18, his interest in playing and showcasing quality groove music must have become second nature. Alongside Neighbour, he launched Homebreakin and Punchout, and has handled A +R duties for both labels since day one. His sets at Shambhala are always a massive hit at the Pagoda, and his blend of low slung boogie flavours with modern house, funk, and techno will be perfect for the Beaumont.


DJ Soup

It's not fair to call such a young guy a revered veteran DJ, but there's almost no other way to describe Rob. He's been instrumental in the production of Shambhala Music Festival and has consistently played energetic house, breaks, and electro sets to the slavering hordes. He's the artistic director at "The Pagoda" mainstage, which is among the greatest audio-visual immersive stage setups in all of Canada. On top of all this, he's got one of the top selling releases on Homebreakin alongside Hoola and Neighbour- "Kick it Like Old School". His newer sets feature a focus on modern garage, house, and oldschool sounds.


alongside Homebreakin artists


visual environment by LIGHTHEAD

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I worked with Anglo producing the visuals content for his set. Very excited to see my work projected on the Rio's silver screen. So much talent on this bill.

EYE OF THE STORM III: An Immersive Audio/Visual Environment



An evening of live experimental/ambient/electro-acoustic/synthesizer music paired with a visual display, and presented on the 60' silver screen and full theatre sound.

Doors at 7:00 show at 8:00 Sharp
19+/no minors

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Very pleased to be djng at this prestigious event at the Vancouver Convention Center.

The awards will be broadcast next weekend on CityTV and G4Canada.

Canada will gather on the West Coast once again this spring to celebrate its world-class video game developers at the fourth annual Canadian Videogame Awards ceremony, to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 20, 2013.

The Canadian Videogame Awards will be held once again in conjunction with Fan Expo Vancouver™ at the beautiful Vancouver Convention Centre. As the third largest developer of video games in the world, this show will celebrate Canada’s spot on the world stage as a leader in interactive entertainment. The show will be broadcasted across the country on G4 Canada and Citytv through the Rogers Network.

The awards are for work developed in Canada and released in 2012. The Canadian Videogame Awards are produced by Reboot Communications and Greedy Productions and are officially endorsed by DigiBC and the Entertainment Software Association of Canada. The producers are joined by a national industry committee of developers and leaders of the Canadian digital entertainment industry.

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Looking forward to playing a set all Western Canadian producers and many unreleased jams from Homebreakin Records and East Van Digital camps.

Especially amped to play a bunch of unheard Clyphs material straight from the mastering house.

Tune in online here: http://www.virishi.net:8000/cfro-mid.mp3.m3u (open file with itunes)

April 11, 2013
(The WoodHolmes Experience)

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Honored and excited to have our song Out Front as the soundtrack to this video. Looking forward to Shambhala 2013. It's always an amazing experience.

Listen and Download Clyphs - Out Front here:

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5 mins away from downtown Vancouver (exact location will be announced on the day of on here and the info line (604-222-8744)

Alright, it's Rave time! What's that you ask? Well, you put together a whack of awesome DJs, a little warehouse space, friends and their friends, some groovy vibes, a flyer which rips off some product, an info line, and some lasers and you got yourself a Rave!

That's right boys and girls. Mark Bayrock and Farshad (aka Abasi) are turning 40 and figured since they have raved since there were raves, one needs to be put together to celebrate this special occasion. Both of these boys have contributed quite a bit to "the scene" over the last 15+ years both as DJs and in many others ways. Farshad co-founded Intimate Productions with his friends Steve and JJ and a few others back in 2000, and together they have brought many a legendary parties and club nights to town which most of you have attended over the years, while Mark and his friend Jim Baxter founded Endorphin images and fuelled pretty much every rave in the late 90s and early 00s with the best eye candy around!

What happens when you are so involved in the scene? Well pretty much all your friends are DJs or are involved somehow, which only means a killer line up as follows:

Max Ulis vs. Woodhead
Abasi + Glyn + Dr. Jones (aka Team Trainwreck)
Mike McSuede vs. Sven Torpedo
Mark Bayrock vs. Expo
Andy Clockwork vs. Daniel Bull
Ceebas vs. Aaron B
Dave Dirk
+ Smoothie on Sax!

Music format will be whatever the DJs feel like playing from house, tech, dub, techno, funky/groovy electronic dance beats, with dashes of throw back tracks thrown in there for good measure.

There will be killer sound, amazing visuals, smart energy drinks (guess they call those Red Bull vodka these days?), free caffeine pills, and other goodies. Oh, and did we mention lasers?

All proceeds from this event will go to the BC Cancer Society, so by attending you get to contribute to 3 good causes: your happiness, happiness of the bday boys, and contribution to charity. What more could you ask for? So go grab your ticket, find that rave outfit and let's do this like it's 199X.

Pre-sale tickets are only $10 (first 100, $15 after) and a bit more at the door.

Location TBA at noon on the day of the event. Info line: 604-222-8744



PPPS: PRIZE GIVE AWAY FOR BEST DRESSED RAVER BOY and RAVER GIRL ($50 gift certificate each to Eatery/General Public)

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Whistler! we're coming for you. Always a blast djing with my bro Hoola. Listen up snow gods, we'd like a powder day if possible.

This week's very special guests...

Hoola - Shambhala - Living Room
Woodhead - Homebreakin Records/ EVD

With only 2 Smirnoff House Party's left this season, don't miss your chance to hear some of the finest in the biz this week. These boys are gonna throw down big this Friday. Whistler is in for a treat...


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Our mobile sauna master Karlis published a book about mobile saunas! It's already climbing up the New York Times best seller list. It's a compendium of modern nomadic sweats. No one knows more about building mobile saunas than Karlis. He's built three so far! Order your copy today! Here's the hard link:

This is a collection of sauna trucks, sauna buses, sauna wagons, sauna cars, sauna bikes, sauna trailers, sauna boats, sauna floats, trail sweats, bastuflotten, bastubats, banya trucks, banya tents, and other mobile sweats. They are gathered from across North America, Russia, Europe and particularly Finland, where the annual Teuva mobile sauna festival attracts over 50 examples every year.

After building several mobile saunas, Kārlis began a multi-year study of the mobile sauna phenomenon in form and culture. Collected here is the result of that study, including photographs, viewpoints of builders, commentary and notes on design. Students of culture and architecture, sauna lovers and mobile sauna builders will appreciate the variety of forms, designs, styles and ideas revealed in this volume.

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Dj Soup one of our favorite New Skids On The Block @Homebreakin Recs sent me his latest mix to post up. Looking forward to having him play our next Body Language party on April 27 at Beaumont Studios.

01. Jonas Rathsman - Tobago
02. Sophie - EEEHHH
03. Munnibrothers - Together
04. Discofari - Spook'd
05. Emmanuel Jal - Kuar (Olof Dreijer remix)
06. Audiojack, Kevin Knapp - Stay Glued (FCL Weemix)
07. Sophie - Nothing More To Say (dub)
08. Bondax - Baby I got that (Justin Martin rmx)
09. Visti, Meyland - Yes Maam (All Nite Long) (Henrik Schwarz remix)
10. Rampa, Meggy - Everything (Mark Fanciulli remix)
11. Flashmob - Need In Me
12. Bicep - $tripper
13. Disclosure - Tenderly (Kidnap Kid rmx)
14. Nneka - Shining Star (Joe Goddard remix)
15. Hnny - For The Very First Time
16. Lindstrom - Eg-ged-osis (Todd Terje extended edit)
17. Hnny &_Boy-zone - The Face
18. Mr Oizo - M-Seq
19. Discofari - I Feel Ya
20. Jessie Ware - Running (Disclosure remix)
21. Urulu - 1991
22. JMX - On U (KRL remix)
23. Maetrik - The Reason
24. NiCe7 - Time To Get Physical
25. Hnny - Apricots
26. Rustie - Flash Back

Check him out on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/discofari


Lucky 13 by New_Skids_On_The_Block on Mixcloud

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I'm performing live visuals at Beaumont this Sat.
Line up:

(Environ, New York)

Support from:

DIRT CREW (James Flavour / Berlin)

NEIGHBOUR (Homebreakin Records)

DJ D. DEE (Leisure Collective)


Lighthead Visual Environment
Sweet Cocktails
Official Afterparty

more infos:
The brainchild of veteran producers Morgan Geist and Darshan Jesrani,
Metro Area was born out of the pair's somewhat dichotomous love for both
the old moods of R&B, disco and boogie and the more cutting-edge sound of
innovative house and techno. Metro Area brings back the soulful
experimentation of the early club classics, mixing live and electronic
instruments. Simultaneously, the mood and minimalism of more recent dance
music forms creep into the mix: Detroit's cold futurism, Chicago's abstract
track-modes, and the warmth of New York and New Jersey's deep house.

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Lyrics paying homage to one of the world's funkiest individuals, delivered with dark, pitched-down undertones. On paper this really shouldn't work. In reality it ruddy rocks. This is largely thanks to Prosper & Azaxx's quirky, off-beat shuffle groove underneath. Think Music For Freaks and you get the picture. Remix-wise Basement Freaks adds more of a breakbeat electro bite to the mix, Adam Polo adds a soaring riff and feel-good p-funk and Niko strips it down to a slinkier groove that flips between classic US and grittier UKG.

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Heading up to the Drive to play some tunes at falconetti's tonight. Excited to play a longer set of eclectic tunes i don't get to play on the regular. Meet up!

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Going to be charming the crap out of you on live visuals tonight.

The Super Happy Dance Deejays and the Beaumont Studios present:

CHARMS: A SUPER HAPPY St. Paddy's Day Magically Delicious Funtime Party



Charms have fascinated our society for thousands of years. They attract our eyes, and bring luck, prosperity, and power. The projection of energy and meaning that makes these physical objects a charm. Once energized, these gems of notoriety become powerful units that gain us entrance into the worlds that we desire.

A Charm can be an amulet, unit of measurement, a method to avoid the snakes in our lives, or represent eternal symbols of our past. Their heads can be spun, they may fly high in the sky, or they may dangle on our prized posessions. Charms may be traded, gifted, or won in a game of chance. They remain a symbol of truth, ward us from danger, and protect us from the unidentified. A charm can be a way of life, it can be a princely person, and the subtle act of charm may bring us all that we desire.

Charms – they power our ship of life, they bring us joy, and their glints may bring us our greatest desires.
We call ye all to celebrate an eternity of trinkets. Let us celebrate the Charms.

All Charms welcome – payment will be accepted in coin, gold, silver, and plastic whore money.

feat. the sounds of:

DJ "Leprechaun" EVO
DJ "Kiss Me, I may or may not be Irish" Hubbz
Spilt "Top o' the Mornin" Milk
DJ "Boiled Potatoes" Wood
DJ "Pot o Gold" Soo

playing the best in funk/soul/disco/house/breaks/hip hop/techno/drum n bass/irish jig/leprechaunstep/slide whistle

Visuals by Lighthead Visuals - https://www.facebook.com/LightheadVisuals

Costumes strongly encouraged - show your charms!
Prizes! Pot o' gold!

BYOT (bring your own troll).

We will be giving away free tickets in a "best limerick" contest!

Saturday March 16th
The Beaumont Studios
316 West 5th Ave.
9pm - Late

Advance tickets: $15, more at the door.
Tickets available online here: http://www.ticketzone.com/wafform.aspx?_act=eventview&_pky=162077
and at Beatstreet records

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Time to get loose! Birthday Babes Unite.

Thanks to all who came out for HoodieLoop's opening night with Czech, Hoola, K-Tel and Soulstice. Now it's time to take it all off.

Jessie Rockley, Lee Robin, Darren Thurston, Ailysh Greenway Rida Vanderkam, John Holborn, Andrea, and Jessica Orlowski are all celebrating their birth this eve.

If your birthday falls in this week, let us know and we will add you to the list ♥


DJ K-Tel








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Ultra amped to play in Mexico with the gang! Time to put in some time on the beach.

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It's been awhile since Justin Martin played in Vancouver. @homebeakin djs Fedski, Spiltmilk and Woodhead will be lighting it up in the second room. Abasi + Ryan Wells warming it up upstairs. Get there early.

*** Full event details at www.intimateproductions.com/e/437 ***

Intimate Productions proudly presents

★ JUSTIN MARTIN [dirtybird, San Francisco] ★

w/ Abasi + Ryan Wells

& Woodhead, Spilt Milk + Fedski in second room

Come get spotted.

@ Electric Owl Social Club : 928 Main Street [www.electricowl.ca]


As the late Oscar Wilde once said: "life is too important to be taken seriously", an ethos that Justin Martin is sticking with despite achieving soaring success over the last six years as a producer and international DJ.Justin initially pricked the ears of the electronic music community in 2003 with his first record 'The Sad Piano' on Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly label. Everyone in the electronic music food chain got involved, from the A list DJs like Derrick Carter and Pete Tong that were playing the track, to the international music press that were raving about it. It even translated to the German underground, with Poker Flat licensing it for Steve Bug's 'Bugnology' compilation. Like someone that goes bowling for the first time and gets five strikes and a turkey, Justin couldn't really have hoped for a better entrance.Feeding off the energy of the San Francisco underground and mentored by fellow super producer Claude VonStroke, Justin was intrinsically involved with the development of dirtybird records, appearing on its first four releases. Justin was soon ready to take flight, releasing a string of solo EPs which flaunted a very unique sound and garnered still more respect among fellow DJS and heavyweight's of the scene.

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Last year this party was off the hook. Excited to throw down with this group of talented and sexy djs.


Velvet Rub
9:00-10:10 Craiger--
10:00-10:06- Underground Circus-
10:06-11:07- Fedski--
11:07-11:15- YANG SHOW--
11:15-12:15- Spilt Milk-
12:15-12:22- A little Delight--
12:22-12:28-- Crystal Precious-
12:28-1:40- Max Ulis
1:40-2:40-- Woodhead
2:40-3:45-- Freebound

I am your mirror
9:00-10:15-Craig E
10:15-11:15- Cripplewheel--
11:15-11:21- Stunning Steve Jui--
11:21-12:25- Beatkeeper-
12:25-12:33- Jezebel
12:33-1:40- The Librarian
1:40-:2:40- Just Sheila
2:40-3:45-- Kori K

It’s back… In this its 9th inception James Bondage is preparing to one up the Mayans and send you into the new age with a party stripped of ego, pretense and judgments. All we bring you is a celebration of love, and soul painted red in a deep shade of tangible lust.

This Valentines James Bondage will be once again raising funds for the Howe Sound Women’s Centre, and a Public Art Project in the Downtown. On Saturday February 16th at Howe Sound Inn, trinityromance.com, and its loveable band of helpers are setting the stage to produce a party that strives to continually one up itself.

This years theme is quite simply Lust: Volume Red. In an homage to our fetish roots we encourage all of our friends, family, and lovers to don the sassiest of red outfits, show up early (the shows this year are going to be phenomenal), and shake, grind, and bounce your booties until the skies open up and the heavens fall.

Ticket on sale--CASH ONLY $40

Stuntwood Squamish---NOW
Howe Sound Inn and Brew Pub---NOW
Evolution Whistler-Tuesday, January 8th
Deadly Couture---NOW


Max Ulis https://soundcloud.com/maxulis
Woodhead https://soundcloud.com/woodhead
The Librarian https://soundcloud.com/the-librarian
Spilt MIlk https://soundcloud.com/spiltmilk
Fedski http://www.mixcloud.com/fedski/
Freebound https://soundcloud.com/freebound
Craiger http://www.mixcloud.com/craigdavidiuk/
Craig E https://soundcloud.com/dj-craig-e
Just Sheila https://soundcloud.com/justsheila
Cripplewheel https://soundcloud.com/crippledwheel
Kori K http://djkorik.com/
Beatkeeper https://soundcloud.com/beetkeeper

Performances this year are a bit of a secret, so you will see! Lusty and opulent are the words that come to mind.

Buy your tickets now, don't sleep.

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Simply GOod music with woodhead-2.jpg

Heading up to the snow in a few hours. Looking forward to dropping some beats with my pal Chili Thome. It's going to be a party.

This wednesday for "Simply Good Music" We have DJ Woodhead from Vancouver joining me on the decks.
Super wicked rad bouncy house and music to make your feet move!

Woodhead: Homebreakin, Saunasessions.ca, East Van Digital, E.C.I.

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BC Mobile Sauna Society

The BCMSS is a sauna society based in Vancouver, BC. We host sauna sessions and operate our mobile saunas.

Also view a gallery of
lots of other mobile saunas and a Mobile Sauna book!

BCMSS is a community supported wellness project, we depend on your contributions.
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