Aufect & 314 are back with the second show in our Spring events series, and this one is going to be a MONSTER. An official afterparty for Body Language 6.
Who? Myrryrs (Body High, B.Yrslf) /|\ Max Ulis (Tenpin, Lighta!) /|\ Woodhead vs Neighbour (Homebreakin, Punchout) /|\ HxdB vs Cure (Aufect, Sloth Crew)

When? Saturday, February 9th, 1 AM - LATE


How much? $15 / $10 for Body Language Attendees.
An American producer raised on house, hip hop and drum and bass, Myrryrs has set each genre and the barriers they create, aside. Rather than drawing influence from the producers of his musical upbringing, Myrryrs peers deep within the happenings of the late 90’s rave scene, sci-fi fantasy, and cult imagery. Fusing bass heavy electronic noise and riveting hooks with seemingly accidental perfection, it’s this mysterious approach that has seen an idea evolve into a powerful force through original releases on Body High, Discobelle Records, and B.yrslf Division.

In Vancouver, there are few artists as well-respected and lauded as Max Ulis. Known for his flawless mixing abilities and breath-taking original productions, Max is a pioneer on the West Coast, pushing his own unique brand of house and techno. He is one of the charter members of the notorious Lighta! crew, which has been instrumental in the building of Vancouver's underground movement for the better part of a decade.

In the house and funk realm, these two gentlemen are without parallel, as they are both part of the renowned Homebreakin Crew. Woodhead has a slew of exceptional releases on Homebreakin, Punchout & East Van Digital, that prove he is an ace producer in addition to his already spectacular skills as a DJ, his sets setting him apart from imitators hoping to recreate even a sliver of the magic seen at Shambhala and across the city for years. Neighbour on the other hand is an underground legend. Matt is one funky motherfucker - His live performances leave crowds gobsmacked, combining live instrumentation and peerless mixing skills. He has been creating some of the most inspirational house, techno, funk and disco to come out of the city. This will be a special back to back set.

HXDB vs CURE (VAN): //
We R cool. We don't like to write about ourselves in the 3rd person. We represent the bleeding edge. We will take you there.

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“There is strong shadow where there is much light.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The light of a metropolis emits from the hearts of its denizens, especially in its darker hours. Communities are mosaics of the interwoven intentions and aspirations of individuals, linked to others by collaboration, competition and common purpose. To the untrained ear, the city is a sleeping giant, an idle pharoah. To those who strive to navigate cultural waters by their senses, the city is a debutante, a conflicted youth, a wizened sage, and a streetwise hustler- a seething chorus whispering, muttering, and screaming while it seeks affirmation from and connection to the voices it has learned to hear in the wind.


Join us for a night of kinetic conversation and be reminded of your eloquent bodies by...


The legend of Hoola is long and storied, and covers a LOT of ground. As an essential member of the Vitamin Tribe in Halifax, he pioneered an era of electronic shows on the east coast. Moving westward, he established World Headquarters in Nelson, the nerve center / record store for the scene that spawned the now legendary Shambhala music festival. Since then, he's curated and produced the Beach Stage / Living Room, an ambience known for its range of styles and depth of vision. Hoola is a major forefather of dance community in Canada, and his DJ sets reflect a wide variety of discerning taste. He's known for his monstrous vinyl collection of rare disco and funk as well as a penchant for futuristic electronic grooves- so basically he'll be right at home at the Beaumont.


Sean Plusoneminusone Matwiy and Liam Likemind Joneser have quickly become ambassadors of a fresh style of house music in Vancouver, and for good reason. Diligent educators and diverse selectors, the pair have begun to produce events for Vancouver's dance community, while maintaining focus on their ever-evolving DJ sets. Fusing new 4x4 varietals springing forth from bass producers with the sound of classic house and techno, these two mega-friends are a must-see in 2013.

with support from our residents…

Neighbour -

Woodhead -

Spiltmilk -

hosted by MC Thinktank -

LIGHTHEAD Visual Environments


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hard link:

Currently Woodhead’s six song ep for Punchout! Records is charting on Beatport’s top 100 Funk/RnB releases.

Check out East Van Digital, Homebreakin Records and E.C.I Korea for more remixes and original tracks.

01. Eats Everything – Doldrums
02. Ben Mono – How It Is (CSY and Stripes Remix)
03. Young Hand – Be Yourself
04. TCTS – Feels So Good
05. Mia Dora – Random Romantics
05. Tony Quattro – Doubt
06. Toyboy & Robin – No More Sunshine
07. Ginuwine – Pony (Prince Club & Poupon 4 AM Dub)
08. Ejeca – Horizon
09. Wax Romeo – Minti
10. George Fitzgerald – Every Inch (Deetron Remix)
11. Dusky – Flow Jam
12. Ed Congreave – Heal (A1 Bassline Remix)
13. Jordan Peak – Move With It (Huxley Warehouse Dub)
14. Jamie Jones – No Rush
15. Squarehead and Mella Dee – Elevation
16. Maru – Alpina (Wolf Cub Remix)
17. CFR – Gotta Get It

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We'll be supplying the soundtrack on Saturday night. Is It Happening? YES!

A fundraiser and art auction for 2013’s BFA/BA Visual Art graduating exhibition.

Presented by: UBC’s Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory

January 26, 2013 | 7-11PM

CBC Studio 700

700 Hamilton Street

Vancouver, BC

The UBC 2013 BFA/BA Visual Art Graduating class cordially invites you to an exciting artistic and musical event to promote and raise the funds for this year’s Graduating Exhibition ‘Is it Happening,' which will open in April 2013.

SILENT ART AUCTION will feature works by:

Our talented graduating class of UBC Visual Art students & our internationally celebrated UBC Visual Art faculty & staff members


Gunshot Wounds

Stefana Fratila

DJ Woodhead + DJ Blenda

Join us for this fun event for a great cause!

Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door. Attendees must be 19+

Cash and cheque only

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This Sunday i'm going ballistik in Whistler.

After a successful launch of the BallistiK Jam with a psychedelic flavor, a new series of parties starting at the Savage Beagle to bring some of the best underground electronic dance music, the KosmiK Konnection is proud to bring WOODHEAD to Whistler for a Jam full of FUNKINESS!

>>>>> FUNKY BALLISTIK JAM - Sunday, January 27th
Funky House, Funky Breaks & everything in between on the menu!
It’s going to be Woodhead’s BIRTHDAY Whistler style, so be ready for a night full of surprise :)

WOODHEAD is a SUPER versatile DJ...expect Funky Techy Groovy Housy Breaky tunes all night long!

> WOODHEAD ( Homebreakin Records & East Van Digital – Vancouver )
What happens after someone who has spent years touring the dive bars of North America, sleeping on stranger’s couches, eating cigarettes and coffee for breakfast, honing their bass chops in bands that played everything from punk to jazz? They wise up, step out of the van, take their hard-earned musical lessons and become one of Vancouver’s premier DJs and producers.
Currently Woodhead’s six song ep for Punchout! Records is charting on Beatport’s top 100 Funk/RnB releases.
Check out East Van Digital, Homebreakin Records and E.C.I Korea for more remixes and original tracks.

> Milton ( KosmiK Konnection – Whistler )

> Miss KosmiK ( KosmiK Konnection – Whistler )

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My friends at recently commissioned me to record a Slowcast for them. Here's what i came up with:

Tour Dates:
Jan 1 – Backstage Lounge – Vancouver
Jan 5 – The Eatery – Vancouver
Jan 10 – Waldorf Tiki Room- Vancouver
Jan 11 – The Eatery – Vancouver
Jan 12 – Anza Club – Vancouver
Jan 18 – Cypress Mtn. – Vancouver
Jan 26 - UBC Art Auction – Vancouver
Jan 27 – Savage Beagle – Whistler
Feb 1 – Cypress Mtn. – Vancouver
Feb 9 – Beaumont Studios – Vancouver
Feb 16 – James Bondage – Squamish

01. Eats Everything – Doldrums
02. Ben Mono – How It Is (CSY and Stripes Remix)
03. Young Hand – Be Yourself
04. TCTS – Feels So Good
05. Mia Dora – Random Romantics
05. Tony Quattro – Doubt
06. Toyboy & Robin – No More Sunshine
07. Ginuwine – Pony (Prince Club & Poupon 4 AM Dub)
08. Ejeca – Horizon
09. Wax Romeo – Minti
10. George Fitzgerald – Every Inch (Deetron Remix)
11. Dusky – Flow Jam
12. Ed Congreave – Heal (A1 Bassline Remix)
13. Jordan Peak – Move With It (Huxley Warehouse Dub)
14. Jamie Jones – No Rush
15. Squarehead and Mella Dee – Elevation
16. Maru – Alpina (Wolf Cub Remix)
17. CFR – Gotta Get It

What happens after someone who has spent years touring the dive bars of North America, sleeping on stranger’s couches, eating cigarettes and coffee for breakfast, honing their bass chops in bands that played everything from punk to jazz? They wise up, step out of the van, take their hard-earned musical lessons and become one of Vancouver’s premier DJs and producers.

Currently Woodhead’s six song ep for Punchout! Records is charting on Beatport’s top 100 Funk/RnB releases.

Check out East Van Digital, Homebreakin Records and E.C.I Korea for more remixes and original tracks.

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Woodhead gives us 'Real Love', an uplifting house tune topped with a tasteful vocal sample.

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After over four months my tune Get Over You is moving back up the Beatport top 100 Funk & RnB charts and is sitting at 43!! Surreal to be up there with artists I love like Wolf + Lamb, Malente, Gramatik, DMX Krew, Nickodemus Nyc, Burial, Dave Allison and Pretty Lights. Looking forward to sharing some of my new material with you guys soon.

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Thanks Hoola & Sarah for having me out & Bentmatter for the amazing visuals show. Best @Shambhala_mf ever!


Wool/Vortex - Living The Dream (original mix)
Worthy - Shy Look
Hostage - Creep
Mak & Pasteman - Get With The Program
Whole Sick - Thinkin Bout U
DJ Whitecoat feat. Jae Elle - How Does It Feel (Mr Solo remix)
Seiji - Easy
GoldFFinch - Funky Steppa
Cardopusher - Coppertoned Punch
Mista Men - Cardiac Arrest
Tony Quattro - Out On The Floor (Doctor Jeep remix)
Hostage - Fade To Black
Ill Blu - Blu Magic
Shock Out - Closer
Gorgon City - Odyssey
MJ Cole - Nothing But Trouble (Wideboys remix)
TS7 - Bitter (VIP mix)
TS7 - Head Of State
DJ Arnie - Heartbroken

Alt link:

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Big night at Chapel Arts coming up. I'll be supplying the visuals for this slayfest.

When?: Friday, January, 18th, 2013
Where?: Chapel Arts Studio
Who?: Reilly Steel (Senseless, Top Billin), Heartbeat(s) (FoF Music, Palms Out), 314

$15 at the door

**There will be a super special $OFFICIAL$ afterparty aftwerwards by our friend Cherchez and Sleep Late!!!

Reilly Steel: is a young producer dabbling in the murky undercurrents of house and techno, with his productions tinged with the sensibilities of bass music. Keenly aware of the importance of making his envelope-pushing productions be compatible with dance floors. And, despite his young age, showing a deft understanding and appreciation for old school warehouse sounds. Having previously played in Vancouver last year with Aufect, he quickly became a crowd favourite with his infectious DJ set and innate crowd-rocking skills.

Heartbeat(s): is the new alias for ex LOL Boys member Markus Garcia. Having recently relocated from Montreal to Vancouver to take a fresh perspective on life and music. Fans of Aufect and 314 should be no stranger to this man's work - His skill as a producer shining through everything he touches. His new work represents the culmination of his experience and contribution to LOL Boys, with a strong Detroit and Chicago house influence. Now, having planted his roots in our fine city, he is already beginning to make waves with his DJ sets and powerful presence as a musician.

314: These two cats have been steadily impressing and becoming a veritable force in their own right, on the decks and in their own personal productions. They have teamed up with us here at Aufect and we're proud to call these guys our partners in crime. Expect a peerless selection of house, techno and bass music cuts.

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This Thursday It's on! So amped to play music with some old friends and local legends Chili and Smoothie.

This week we are bringin' in some of BC's best all around DJ's!

CHILI THOM - Whistler BC -




"At Dice! you can take a chance on cover but not on the music or vibe...

With all things funky at the forefront, the beats will range from organic hiphop to house, disco, boogie, breaks, reggae, and a wide variety of tasteful bass music!"

Cover $8 or Roll 2 Dice - Roll a 12, GET IN FREE!

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Spending NYE on an Island...Granville Island with some very talented people. Hope you can make it.

Futuristic Fundamentals in collaboration with The Backstage Lounge proudly presents THE SOUL-HOP-ALYPSE...


HERE IS THE LINEUP (in all of its magnificent glory):


-ONE KINGDOM (Featuring Reid Hendry from Watasun)
-DJ FRESHLEECUT (AKA: Chris Grigor from Heads Hang Heavy)


-WOODHEAD ( and his alter ego LIGHTHEAD providing visuals)

WE ARE PROUD TO BE FEATURING a collaborative entourage of some of the West Coast's FINEST DJ's, Producers and Live Musicians

WE ARE ALSO PROUD to announce that we will be utilizing the top floor at BSL for this event and incorporating a 2nd (ELECTRONIC) room in to the mix for this special Edition of The New School Renaissance...... HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS MY FRIENDS....


TIME: 9 pm - LATE






BEAT STREET RECORDS (604)-683-3344


You can also contact one of the friendly hosts and attempt to be one of the lucky few who end up with a 30 dollar discount ticket! There will be a handfull of these circulating around Vancouver and the only way to end up with one is by contacting one of the host musicians! The EARLY BIRDS WILL GET THE WORMS, so get on it....

**********************THIS JUST IN****************************



Building on the traditions of reggae and dub music, Vancouver's Giraffe Aftermath use hip-hop rhythms and a psychedelic approach to create a unique blend of lively, danceable music. Formed in 2006 by Steve Hackenbruch and Luke de Villiers, this songwriting/production duo remains the core of the band's music. Joined on stage by Paul Steffes and a revolving cast of peripheral players, Giraffe Aftermath throw down a foundation of groove and airtight vocal harmonies.


Blurring the lines between house, funky, garage and bass. Woodhead loves to go deep and wide. He is a fixture in the West Coast Bass Music Scene as a DJ and a producer. He is also a resident at Basscoast Project and Shambhala Music Festival. Our Futuristic Fundamental Family is ecstatic about having him on board to drop the headlining set upstairs and throw down a live visual show as his alter ego LIGHTHEAD.


Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, That African is now a fixture in the Vancouver underground. Coming from a hip hop and trip hop back ground, That African has been involved in music since the age of 16. Expect to hear a repertoire spanning multiple genres (think funk, swing, down-tempo, hip hop, trip hop, sexy lounge, and all manner of bass music) sprinkled with a healthy dose of turntable-ism.


Expect a melting pot of diverse talent from all walks of life when The Van City Soul Hop Committee hits the stage! This collaborative crew will ignite the room with an earth shattering sound that is all its own! The grooves are geared around HIP HOP/LATIN/GYPSY-JAZZ/FUNK/SOUL/DUB/HOUSE/REGGAE and everything in between! The collective is co-produced and directed by Thomas Workshop and Dasha Chel (who come together to bridge the gap between world music and Jazzy Hip Hop). Tribal percussion and BIG Bass-lines are always on the menu! You can also be sure that there will be a barrage of surprise guests and featured musicians being called up to rip it at one point or another.

ONE KINGDOM (featuring Reid Hendry from Watasun)

What happens when you combine the charismatic, diverse energy of Jeff Child with the smooth, rolling thunder of Jesse Bentley? You get a soothing, dance-able, head nodding, reggae tinged, feel good vibration that sets the room on fire and puts a smile on your face. Jeff and Jesse have been locking into grooves with one another since they were teenagers and when they play together it is always evident! Both of them collaborate with a plethora of other live musicians in Vancouver (including Watasun and The Van City Soul-Hop Committee). They have both earned recognition as desirable session players around town, but when they play together and focus on their original material..... they become ONE KINGDOM. Their New Years set at The Soul-Hop-Alypse will include appearances by Percussion guru Reid Hendry and the versatile band leader from Giraffe Aftermath, Luke De Villiers. Together, these four talented gentlemen are going to open a can of Whoop Ass on the dance floor! ;)


Get ready to have a tribal fire lit under your feet. Thomas Workshop specializes in aquatic, tribal, latin influenced, space-e, bass fueled House Music and Multidimensional Break-Beats. Whether it be straight up old school Hip Hop, Tripped out middle school Trip Hop or All STYLES of Uptempo Goodness.... He is guaranteed to please. He is a master at his craft and is one of the only cats around who still ONLY PLAYS VINYL. Thomas brings a unique blend of organic flavor to the table and is always excited to tell you a story when he gets on the decks and lets his taste in music do the talking...


Hayze has been entrenched in music since he was 10 years old. He started with a guitar and before he knew it, he found himself scratching on turntables and knew right away that he had found his calling. He realized right away that he needed to be impeccable with his mixing as well as his scratches if he was going to start turning heads.... He started mixing Latin House, Funky Breaks and all sorts of soulful electronic in to his sets. Hayze incorporates a tasteful balance of turntable-ism in to his sets and always moves the dance floor in the right way with a balanced attack that is all his own.


Inspired by & drawn to the west coast bass style; DJ Blenda fuses her love of hip-hop flavour & booty shaken beats into her sets. From bouncy house, hip-hop and reggae to deep and dark sounds - her goal is to make your body move.


Freshleecut has been DJing at live music events in Vancouver for more than ten years. He is comfortable spinning a wide range of music - from punk and reggae to drum n bass and hip-hop - depending on what the event calls for. In addition to dozens of smaller club shows, Freshleecut has played several noteworthy gigs including the Barrington Levy after party at the Victoria Ska Festival, the premiere of the documentary Meditate and Destroy, and NYE shows at Malone's and the WISE Hall.

For NYE 2012 Freshleecut will be dusting off CLASSIC hip-hop, soul and reggae PARTY ANTHEMS to keep the dance floor moving in between bands in the live room (main floor)!

STAY IN TOUCH WITH THIS EVENT PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS, TICKET UPDATES (because we will sell out, it's just a matter of when ;) and special announcements regarding the main event!

Tell the WORLD!! This party is a hot commodity for a number of reasons :)

It marks the launch of what will be a series of 2 ROOM parties at The Backstage Lounge with the Futuristic Fundamental Production Team. Live Bands on the main floor and electronic DJ's/producers on the top floor! A lot of people don't even know about the 2nd floor/room because it doesn't get used in this capacity very often.... Come get familiar with us this NYE :)

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Looking forward to returning to one of my favorite venues in the city.

Intimate Productions & Blueprint Events bring you the...

..: Intimate End Of The World Xmas Party :..
::: Stereotype Fridays :::



19+ only

Join us as Intimate and Blueprint team up to bring you the Intimate End of The World Xmas Party at Stereotype Fridays. Come and party as we celebrate the best of season and the end of the world with an event stacked with local talent + the Intimate family of DJs. This is the only place you wanna be as we countdown to the end of the world as we know it!

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Get-The-Funk-Out-FNF-last night.jpg

I'm on opening duties &i'm bringing a pile of 45s.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel FUNKY!

Oceans arising, pyramids aligning, weed's legaller over the border ... Maybe the Mayans were on to something? Scroll down and check out this Interstellar Lineup below.

This Winter Solstice climb aboard the Mothership one last time as Van City's best and only no CD/no mp3 Funk Night Blasts Off for a Vinyl Voyage.

Since liftoff 3 years ago FNF has always been a labour of love. To be honest these trips never earned a single cubit -- Just because you got wings don't mean you can fly, baby. So with that in mind the more invites and attendings i see happening the cheaper this last Fever will be. I reckon tix will be $5 all night to a maximum of $8 depending on your hype. Same goes for an after party *)

So this is it. Final mission, Vangroovers. The Mayans are sayin' it's time to reinvent the wheel, the Colonel's taking the Solstice Gate back to Shuswap Quadrant and you don't have to leave the galaxy but you can't stay here. So Get The Funk Out!

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I'm performing with Thinktank and projecting some visuals in the atrium. Performances by: The Librarian vs Self Evident, HxdB vs Cure, Mandai, Vandettas, Bastet, Cherchez La Femme, Drugzndreamz, Frank Grimes, Andrew Van Hassel, Krusha vs Expendable Youth, Willisist vs Dubconscious, Woodhead & 314. Hosted by MCs Chadio and Thinktank.

The 2nd Annual Benefit for W2 Community Media Arts Society is presented by the letter W and the number two, and BeatRoute, Red Bull, Cariboo, CiTR, CJSF, W2 Media, Aufect Recordings, and Coop Radio! Only $15 advance online

Lots going on over 3 levels, including photo booth, winter light and media arts show by Heidrogen and Perception Events in Atrium, Woodward’s Winter Indigenous Market and more!

An exciting concept and bringing diverse crews together. Take seemingly disparate sounds and scenes, mash them up, add stunning visual media, and a wonderful community-owned, community-run venue to house it all! W2 is facing major pressures and needs peeps to represent at this time.

Help W2 fundraise for this important community-owned and community-run space


Advance only $15
Group of friends 5 for only $75. Get tix for your crew.
Buy a ticket for W2 Lights NYE 2013 and you also save!!

Your favourite ticket outlet will have regular advance tickets SOON. No special group or packaged pricing at outlets.
W2 Media Cafe, 111 W Hastings
Beatstreet, 439 W Hastings
Zulu Records, 1972 West 4th
Highlife Records, 1317 Commercial Dr
Red Cat Records, 4332 Main Street

Attending 'The Surreal and Strange Symposium' at The Fall? Bring your stamp and receive $5 off door entry.


The Librarian:
Self Evident:

Self Evident is one of the most enigmatic figures in Canadian EDM. One of the most diverse and prolific Vancouver artists and member of Vancouver's Lighta! crew, with a sound that is almost instantly recognizable as "Self Evident" and nothing else. With superhuman DJ skills to back up his exciting productions, his sets are often buzzed about for months after.
The Librarian is a name on the lips on many elated festival-goers on the West Coast. She is a co-founder and organizer of the Bass Coast Project, which has oft been compared to the larger, Shambhala, for its incredibly high level of production and meticulously curated lineup. Not only that but Andrea has become one of the most revered bass music DJs in Western Canada, stylishly exploring the entire post-dubstep spectrum, her sets too becoming some of the most buzzed about moments of festival season.


A couple of the best party-rocking underground DJs in the city, thrilling crowds with their bleeding-edge, diverse musical styling. Cure, besides being a member of Lighta! is best known as the founder of the innovative record label, Aufect Recordings, which has been responsible for releasing music by Canadian mainstays XI, Bombaman and Mark Instinct. HxdB, was later brought onboard to help build the Aufect brand through events co-ordination and A&R. HxdB himself has, in a short time, gained international recognition through his original music productions, collaborations and slick remixes, finding their way into the sets of some of the biggest named DJs in the world, frequently heard on BBC 1Xtra & Rinse FM. Also, releasing music on a number of critically acclaimed record labels as wide ranging as Tectonic, Palms Out & Brownswood. ++Props to HxdB and Cure for helping shape this year's Holiday Hustle!

Expendable Youth:

Besides helping hold down one of Vancouver’s consistent bass music weeklies, Faded, these guys have individually gained quite a global following, respectively. Expendable Youth has enjoyed success by releasing on Diplo's Mad Decent sister label, Jefferies, with their unique blend of club-ready sounds of varying flavours. In addition, Matt works with one of the most active promoters of EDM in Vancouver, helping on some of the largest events in the city.
Krusha, is no newcomer either, coming from a rich background in Drum & Bass with a handful of notable 12" releases on D&B mainstays Barcode, Human Imprint and Obscene. He is also a veteran DJ unafraid to experiment with different sounds, combining his love for Jungle, with more modern takes on the electronic spectrum to create a fresh perspective but always maintaining the dance-floor satisfaction in his productions.

MC Thinktank:

In the House and Funk realm, these two gentlemen are without parallel, as they are both part of the renowned Homebreakin Crew. Woodhead has a slew of exceptional releases on Homebreakin, Punchout & East Van Digital, that prove he is an ace producer in addition to his already spectacular skills as a DJ, his sets setting him apart from imitators hoping to recreate even a sliver of the magic seen at Shambhala and across the city for years. Thinktank, his compatriot, is regarded by many as one of the most versatile MCs in Canada, equally at ease on stage beside Hip Hop legends or any manner of EDM show. Having recorded with Nu-Funk legends All Good Funk Alliance and Vancouver's own emperor of Funk, Neighbour, Devon proves he is no one trick pony, rather a well-rounded musician that can lay down in the studio or on stage.


Two more names that will almost certainly be known to local EDM fans. As one of the founding members of Vancouver's pre-eminent Drum & Bass crew, SHAHdjs, Willisist has been instrumental in the continual success and appreciation of the sound in Vancouver. Successfully bringing heavy-hitters in electronic music for 5 straight years and deservedly earning a reputation as one of the most honest and reliable players in the city. He also capably handles any size crowd with his razor sharp DJ skills.
Dubconscious on the other hand has spent the last several years of his life, travelling coast to coast across Canada making his presence known in every city he touches down in. A true master of the craft, his DJ sets are flawlessly mixed and exceptionally diverse, which has raised his profile locally and works a broad range of bills.

Cherchez La Femme:

One of the busiest figures in Vancouver's frantic nightlife scene. Cherchez is hard to keep track of, not because she's particularly elusive, but because she is busy creating vibes at many of the city's venues either with her music or art shows. She has been responsible for bringing so many incredibly talented individuals to the city of just about every imaginable sound, from Hip Hop, to Indie, to Metal, to EDM, she is one of Vancouver's most forward-edge curators. This spirit of adventure follows her into her DJ sets, where fans can expect to not know what to expect, instead relying on on her innate musical understanding to assure rad times for all.


Mandai is proud to represent as one of the Lighta! crew, blending dancehall classics with newer gems and throwing down dub plates acquired during trips to Jamaica. Originally inspired by her travels in Africa and then by the underground dancehall scene in Vancouver, she stays loyal to the island vibes. She has performed at Bass Coast, Shambhala, is a regular at the infamous Thursday Ting, and many events..


DRUGZNDREAMZ is a Audio/visual collective from Vancouver, Canada. Their live show has been called a Dubadelic trip; A visionary quest of sound and light. The band consists of musicians Marc Nyiti, Eric J. Breitenbach, The Magician and visual/projection artist Stuart Ward. DRUGZNDREAMZ burst on the scene in 2011 and performed support slots at sold out shows with international acts such as Dirtyphonics and Crystal Method. 2012 saw the band headline such festivals as Diversity and Carrington Bay.


\//\|\|D=††/\S are an indie-pop trip-hop band from Vancouver, BC. Formed in 2011, by Killawatt recording artist Heatwave, DirtyRadio bass player and co-songwriter Dwight James Abell, and DRUGZNDREAMZ band member and producer Eric J. Breitenbach. Check out their songs 'Feel At Home' & 'The Truth' and see them live. Debut album coming early 2013!

Andrew Van Hassel:

What we know is that Andrew's music is shockingly tasteful and filled with all kinds of delicious emotions. Opting to use mostly analogue gear in his productions, he actually shares the same air in the living room with his roommate, Longwalkshortdock. He combines his love of live performance with his own elegant productions to create an entertaining and engaging experience, executing his deep knowledge of music and wizardry of synth manipulation on stage. Creating a soulful blend of techno and house aesthetics with soaring textural melodies, and glistening synth leads, often featuring his own vocals.

Frank Grimes:

In addition to being one of the most exciting young tattoo artists in the city, this guy is also rapidly becoming renowned for his chops as a producer. Combining the best elements of 90s R&B, modern electronic music and a ghetto aesthetic that is undeniably fun. He has released music on Canada’s Aufect Recordings and Crude that demonstrate his unique style perfectly. Frank takes it one step further with his DJ sets by fusing his love of hip hop and R&B with his own original productions and other exciting, bleeding-edge club tunes.


Relative newcomers 314 have not wasted any time in making an impression on Vancouver. Sean and Liam have already been hard at work hosting events in conjunction with Aufect, and honing their skills behind the decks. They seamlessly combine house, techno and all manner of the aptly ambiguous "post-whatever" realm of sound.


Originally hailing from Nelson, BC, Hilary now calls Vancouver her home. An experienced DJ that manages to keep crowds thoroughly enthralled with her unique mixes and forward-thinking sounds. She blends all manner of bass music in her energetic sets, leaving the unprepared begging for more.



W2 is a community-owned and community-run cultural space. Join us on Facebook:

Follow us on Twitter:

Listen to W2 Media Mornings every weekday on 100.5FM, from 6-8am or online

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

BeatRoute BC

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In a modern global context, dance has served to provide a respite from the pressures of city living and as a vehicle for cultural self-awareness. The fragmented nature of our socio-technological framework allows us the privilege of sampling many forms, while making meaningful connection to specific histories more difficult. In a visceral way, our urban spaces and planning define our physical expression, in turn dictating our patterns of understanding. Through ritual movement, we can examine the relationship between community, culture, and the spaces we inhabit.

Join us for a night of kinetic conversation and be reminded of your eloquent bodies by...

Self Evident -
(PalmsOut, Dipped, B YRSLF Division)

Woodhead -
(Punchout, EastVanDigital)

Neighbour -
(Homebreakin, Jalapeno, Nordic Trax, Voyage INC)

Thinktank -
(Funk Weapons, Homebreakin)

Spiltmilk -
(Homebreakin, Foosh)

E.S.B. -
(Homebreakin, Deepen)

Tickets available at Beatstreet, Puff, Vinyl and Highlife

Visuals by: Lighthead


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I'm playing b2b in the Hideaway with Max Ulis Before Waxromeo. Lighthead holding down the visuals in the Caberet. This is going to be a night!

Intimate is pleased to be apart of a 2 room party at the Waldorf featuring:


★ TANNER ROSS (Boston, Wolf+Lamb) ★

w/ BRISER G. + K.A.S.H.


★ WAX ROMEO (Calgary, Homebreakin') ★

w/ MAX ULIS b2b WOODHEAD + 314

@ The Waldorf Hotel (



Tanner Ross | Bio

The one constant throughout the life of Tanner Ross is music, since being raised in New Jersey in a family environment heavily influenced by music new and old, to his current status as a passionate and driven DJ and producer. In High School he found himself in numerous bands playing everything from funk to punk but it was after progressing to study synthesizers and production at Boston’s renowned Berklee College Of Music that things fell into place. Captivated by underground electronic music, his own productions were soon being released on labels such as Dirty Bird, Freerange, Airdrop and Culprit and this naturally led him into DJing, where he met now regular collaborators Soul Clap, and his journey became clear.

Fresh out of college, with various musical projects, Tanner set out on a musical mission across the US and beyond, to such meccas of dance music as London's Fabric, and Berlin's Watergate.. With his eyes wide open and finger on the pulse he was soon forming part of a Boston super group SECT alongside Soul Clap. Not only is the super group's album a near and anticipated prospect, Tanner’s solo career is taking off with releases due in early 2011 on !K7, Double Standard, No 19, and the biggest coup of them all, a solo album is in the works, to be released later this year on none other than Wolf + Lamb. It’s quite clear Tanner’s musical trail blazing is set to continue much further…


Wax Romeo (Calgary, Homebreakin') | Bio

Wax Romeo is undoubtedly the world's greatest lover, but when he's done blowing kisses at the mirror, he can be found tinkering away with knobs and buttons in his studio. His father, a well-dressed thief, known for carrying a cache of weapons inside a steel drum, taught Romeo about marauding and defrauding at a very early age. Since then, he's fleeced more fools than The North Face, stealing whatever he can, including the Golden Titty, which belonged to the dangerous Jamaican "Blouse an' Skirt Posse". When he's not writing self-congratulatory bio's, eating sheppard's pie, or lobbing empties, Wax Romeo defiles dance floors Calgary's Hifi Club and Marquee Room. Though he was hatched from a queer disco egg fertilized by the manic seed of a jheri-curled 80's R&B drummer, house and techno taught him how to bend the law as a teenager. If your party needs some step, he'll get here quick, driving his empty brown limousine in the carpool lane. Expect a goddamn mess, but watch your damn moneymaker, because Romeo roles dimes...


@ the Waldorf Hotel (Cabaret entrance downstairs) : 1489 E. Hastings St. []

Doors at 9:30pm | Must be 19+ to attend

Tickets available online at:

Also available in stores at:

BeatStreet Records [439 Hastings] : (604.683.3344)
Zulu Records [1972 W 4th Ave] : (604.738.3232)

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About The Waldorf

East Vancouvers Famous Waldorf is a historic 64-year-old hotel re-imagined as a creative compound where contemporary art, music, food and culture convene under one roof. Special events, unique spaces, great food and hospitality. Theres always something happening at The Waldorf.

To stay up to date with Waldorf events/culture, go to:

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It got pulled off SC. So i'm making it available right off my site. Download my remix of Kendrick Lamar's Swimming Pools here:

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East Van Digital presents the 3rd installment of EVD House, featuring a varied selection of house music producers from our home, Vancouver, BC. Andy Clockwork starts us out with 'Brick Dazz', an easy-on-the-tempo, bumpin' number with a disco twist, while Joseph Martin turns up the beat on 'Gotta Go', a jackin' track full of bounce. My Electronic Friends delivers a true garage sound in 'Green Fields', and Woodhead gives us 'Real Love', an uplifting house tune topped with a tasteful vocal sample.

DJ support from : Tyler Stadius, Tomb Crew, The Incredible Melting Man, Jason Score, Ben Colmen, Cal Bass, Kristian Littmann, City & Mixxxy, Jon Lee, Justin Hale, Kohsuke Fukuda (Galaxy Records, Japan), Luke Out, Vipond, Swerve Signal, Freebound, Trevor Refix, Autumn Bomb, Kona & more…

On SC:

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Thank you Taffi Louis for having me as a guest.

Set list:

Tigerskin_Till Von Sein - Let U (Original Mix)
ANDRE VII - Discoteca Clandestina (Bufi remix)
Jonas Rathsman - Tobago (Original Mix) [French Express]
Juan Soto - Dance & Claps (Original Mix)
TIGER STRIPES - This Man (Adana Twins' Thursday disco vox remix)
Just Kiddin - All The Way To Love
Little Boots - Shake
Pat Lok - No Shame
The Supermen Lovers Ft. Herr Styler & Cristine - C'est Bon (Extended)
KNIGHTLIFE - Serves You Right (The Emperor Machine remix)
JON, Dean - All You (original mix)
Dionigi - The Big Race
Rubix - Soul Train [Ian Pooley Remix]
Makdett - Some Lovin (Kreap's Sexy Disco Dub Remix)
Spox - One More Time
Dionigi - Unkown
Kreap - Housebreak
Strip Steve - Stomp
Wax Motif Hands Up (Wax Motif, Ditto, Farley Remix)

DL here:


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I'll be shining the visuals this Friday.***DOORS AT 11:30***

Aufect Presents together with 314 are very excited to bring to Canada for the very first time, the one, the only... Wheez-ie!!

Hailing from the heartland of crunk and dirty south, Wheez-ie aka Matt Mauldin has been on a steady rise in the underground bass music scene since his first release dropped on Well Rounded Individuals back in 2011.

His productions blend the sounds of juke and footwork, with his hometown influenced ghetto-aesthetic and a healthy respect for the old school rave. Combining perfect amounts of chest-caving subs, cheeky vocal sampling and innovative synthesizer use. Being a recent graduate of Berklee Music School you can hear the quality oozing from every facet of his productions. He seems to have an inherent midas touch that give his music a certain je ne sais quoi, that is equal parts club friendly and intellectual.

Now, with some serious weight behind his catalogue, on some of the scene's most revered labels like Frite Nite, Embassy, Freshmore and Grizzly, and arguably one of last year's biggest anthems in 'Barefoot Billy' there seems to be no stopping Matt from certain world domination.

Join us would you, for a night of forward thinking dance music, with some of favourite locals supporting. We promise stirling vibes, cheap dranks, and the best damn music. Pushing forward to bridge the gaps and bring to Vancouver the finest artists from around the globe.

~FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16th, 2012~
LOCATION: That Place
TIME: 11:30 PM

* WHEEZ-IE (Frite Nite, Embassy, Grizzly, Well Rounded, Freshmore) - HOUSTON, USA

Local support from:

* HxdB (Aufect, Tectonic, Sounds of Sumo, Palms Out)

* Cure (Aufect, Lighta!, Really Good)

* 314

Visuals by: LIGHTHEAD

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Big night coming up!

@Punchoutrecs, @Homebreakin and Lighthead Visuals


'Moonrunner', also known as 'La Royale', 'Yesco', or 'Mijo'. He has published tracks on labels such as Gomma Records, La Belle, ISM, Gazeebo International and Maxi Discs and as well his own label 'Electrique Records'. Mexican New Wave Hits Vancouver!

Formed in 2009, the acclaimed Mexican discopunk, electro label
'Electrique Records' has gained alot of response globally in recent months. The main focus of Electrique Music is to push the boundaries of latin music and redefine the Mexican electronic sound. In September, UK disco label ISM Records released the "Mexican New Wave" album which features many of Electriques' unique artists and delivers a gritty sound that borders on Italo Disco, Deep House, Boogie Funk, and Classic rave. Most recently, Electrique has just released intense reworkings of 'Relax' by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and
features versions from both La Royale and Tesco.


'Right Now' Neighbour has now moved past the tennis instructor unitard stage & straight into bondage, using synth and midi cables to tie you up with his hypnotic house.
If you can catch him without a 'Drunken Piano', you might be able to look deep inside his 'Organ Eyes' and see 'You Can Do It' 'In the City'

Through his two giant crystals, and lots of OM'ing, he now has the knowledge to 'Enter the Temple." His latest set of tunes has been bringing 'Ghetto Music' to "Thrillseekers' everywhere across two continents. You could say that in this part of the Americas, Homebreakin Records is now being described as 'The Sound Out Here.'

'Serious Clowns' rejoice, many of us 'Feel the Same Way' dancing under the "Purple Lights' of his dance floor slammers that quite often make us all 'Look at Each Other and Say Yeah!'


Spilt Milk has been liquefying minds and demolishing dancefloors since many of us were a glimmer in our mama’s eyes. An integral part of Homebreakin Records, Spilt Milk is well known for his vinyl funk, disco, house, and hip hop sets all over Canada.

In 2011,Spilt Milk had an epic year, playing festival sets at Basscoast Project(CAN), Shambala (CAN), Universo Paralello (BRAZIL), Mistura Fina (BRAZIL). He has kept going locally playing a series of monthly Beaumont events: Body Language, Back in the Day, and Fucken Awesome.

In fall- winter 2012, Spilt Milk will be releasing an EP on UK label OCD records. Also, watch out for a new Spilt Milk remix coming out on Washington DC’s Super HiFi Label.

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After our Anniversary event in October, TRUCKERDISCO reaches the last Long Weekend Sunday of 2012!

Guest DJ

( Homebreakin Records / / Intimate Productions )


& Guests!

Maybe not "disco" as you know it: Italo-disco, nu-disco, forgotten & future favourites, from Giorgio Moroder to James Murphy. Audio oddities, rare grooves, and subverted visuals.

For Guys, grrls, hipsters, homos, str8s, folks of all bearish persuasions, killer mustaches, mustache riders, muff drivers, disco dancers, sweet romancers -maybe even you, too!

Discount advance tickets available online at: (SELLING FAST!)
Also available now at Little Sister's & Priape on Davie.

At the door: $10 / 2-for-1 before 10PM
OASIS ULTRA LOUNGE - 1240 Thurlow St. (at Davie, above Denny's)

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Join us this Monday (29th) for very special Recovery Room Halloween Party. Like last year were going all out, killer costumes and killer beats all night. Recovery Room residents WOOD N SOO return to slaughter our dance floor with their killer 4x2 turntable mashups. With live video mapping from LIGHTHEAD VISUALS. This is a party unlike any Recovery Room event so far, and not to be missed.

Prizes for BEST COSTUME. Music from 9 till Late. Beer Specials

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hope you have a tickets locked down. I'm on at 12am!

** Late Night Tickets at **

Intimate Productions presents...

::: 2 Rooms of Mayhem :::

@ Electric Owl Social Club

Hoodlums and Delinquents, this Saturday October 27th, join us at the Electric Owl Social Club (928 Main St) as we open the doors to Intimate Productions 'Nightmare on Main St'. Come see for yourselves the two rooms of mayhem and ghastliness as we open up the doors to those brave enough to enter. It's said the Intimate fellas used this place to perform some diabolically devious undertakings in the past, and lurk in the dark corners ready to spook those who enter with libations and haunting sounds delving straight into your soul. Come see for yourselves as you make your way through the night dancing till the wee hours... if you dare!

House of Horrors
DelayNoMore • Woodhead • Wood N Soo • Glyn

The Dungeon
R I C C O • First Date • Dirty Margaret

Event Highlights
2 Rooms of Music | 10 DJs | $500 in prizes for best costume | Ghoulish Lights & Ghastly Decore | Haunting Visuals & Sound

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Setting up my Qbert style 3D mapping installation for the first time tonight. Time to get scared!

3 Floors. Presented by Frite Nite, Surefire, Red Bull Music Academy, Cariboo Brewing. Produced by W2.

SALVA - Los Angeles, California
CLICKS & WHISTLES - Charlotte, North Carolina
hosted by.. CHADIO



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Records/LPs/45s/78s/Wax Cylinders/14" Transcription Discs

ALSO DJ's: FLIPOUT!, Darren Woodhead and Alex Rhek

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I'm doing visuals for this legendary event.

Legendary. That's the only way to describe LLW, Vancouver's longest running multi-room long weekend party. This Thanksgiving Sunday, join us as we throw our annual Turkey Burner edition of Legendary Long Weekends at the Waldorf Hotel. For this one, local phenom Vinyl Ritchie headlines in the Tiki Room. We're bringing the love as we host the Anza crew who takes over the Cabaret. (Anza Love!) Finally, in the hideaway, the SHAHdjs takeover as Willisist celebrates his birthday. LLW never disappoints.

CABARET [Downstairs] (House / Underground) [Anza Crew]

TIKI BAR [Upstairs] (AnythingTheF@#%Goes / Mash-Up)

THE HIDEAWAY [Downstairs] (Bass Culture / Drum n Bass) [SHAHdjs]

3 Rooms | 3 Sounds

Advance tickets $12/$15 // More at the door

Also available in stores at:

BeatStreet Records [439 Hastings] : (604.683.3344)
Red Cat Records [4332 Main St] (604.708.9422)
Zulu Records [1972 W 4th Ave] : (604.738.3232)

Doors 9:30pm - 2:00am | 19+ | 2 Pieces of ID Required

Tickets available at the door!

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It's going down this Saturday!
Darren Woodhead - Homebreakin / Punchout

Darren Woodhead is a staple in Vancouver's house and disco scene, logging in hour after hour in the studio and behind the decks.
His hard work is paying off with his latest release on Homebreakin Records Punchout Edit label.
Woodhead's release 'Morning Wood', is currently sitting near the top of the Disco Charts on Junodownload and is all over Beatport charts also.
We welcome Darren and his funky music to our very first Blast Off!

Spilt Milk - Homebreakin Records
Spilt Milk has been liquefying minds and demolishing dancefloors since many of us were a glimmer in our mama’s eyes. An integral part of Homebreakin Records, Spilt Milk is well known for his vinyl funk, disco, house, and hip hop sets all over Canada. In 2012, watch out for a Spilt Milk remix coming out on Washington DC’s Super HiFi Label.

Fedski - Homebreakin Records
Fedski is the Guy. Yeah he's the guy. Watch out for him - he's all over the map & has some of the sweetest disco vinyl and digital you can find.

DOORS @ 11pm

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BC Mobile Sauna Society

The BCMSS is a sauna society based in Vancouver, BC. We host sauna sessions and operate our mobile saunas.

Also view a gallery of
lots of other mobile saunas and a Mobile Sauna book!

BCMSS is a community supported wellness project, we depend on your contributions.
Make a contribution to the BC Mobile Sauna Society