21 October 2010

I think Woodhead is going to rewrite this page but lets get some things sorted.

We've got access to some amazing DJs and musicians. Woodhead records a lot of mixes, formerly live from saunasessions, and more recently from his residency at the Lotus in Vancouver, or from parties and festivals, and you can Listen to the Podcast. We have a huge amount of mixes free for download, there's so much good stuff in there.

Occasionally we run a FM radio station, in East Van or out in the woods, playing old saunasessions mixes or a live feed from the party.

Oh yeah, we also have a music store with tracks available for sale. Check out our catalog.

Sometimes we have amazing DJs at saunasessions, sometimes we have live jams. Some of it gets recorded, some of that is awesome. If you are extremely lucky you may even get to witness an appearance from MC Cedar, our our mysterious house band Pandora Springs. Lately we've seen a lot of the Freestyle Focus Group. In addition to Woodhead we also hear from Steamboat Fattie, DJ K-Tel, Illesha, Hebegebe, SpiltMilk, and so many others. I wrote more names down on my hand but the sweat makes it hard to read.

Promoters and performers should get in touch if you are interested in bookings.

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