Homebreakin Presents: Body Language V :: Dec. 8 :: The Beaumont


In a modern global context, dance has served to provide a respite from the pressures of city living and as a vehicle for cultural self-awareness. The fragmented nature of our socio-technological framework allows us the privilege of sampling many forms, while making meaningful connection to specific histories more difficult. In a visceral way, our urban spaces and planning define our physical expression, in turn dictating our patterns of understanding. Through ritual movement, we can examine the relationship between community, culture, and the spaces we inhabit.

Join us for a night of kinetic conversation and be reminded of your eloquent bodies by...

Self Evident - soundcloud.com/self_evident
(PalmsOut, Dipped, B YRSLF Division)

Woodhead - soundcloud.com/woodhead
(Punchout, EastVanDigital)

Neighbour - soundcloud.com/neighbour-homebreakin
(Homebreakin, Jalapeno, Nordic Trax, Voyage INC)

Thinktank - soundcloud.com/thinktank-1
(Funk Weapons, Homebreakin)

Spiltmilk - soundcloud.com/djspiltmilk
(Homebreakin, Foosh)

E.S.B. - soundcloud.com/esbmore
(Homebreakin, Deepen)

Tickets available at Beatstreet, Puff, Vinyl and Highlife

Visuals by: Lighthead

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/130199730466343/

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