GET THE FUNK OUT ~ Tonight! ~ Friday Night Fever Finale at The Den on Barclay

Get-The-Funk-Out-FNF-last night.jpg

I'm on opening duties &i'm bringing a pile of 45s.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel FUNKY!

Oceans arising, pyramids aligning, weed's legaller over the border ... Maybe the Mayans were on to something? Scroll down and check out this Interstellar Lineup below.

This Winter Solstice climb aboard the Mothership one last time as Van City's best and only no CD/no mp3 Funk Night Blasts Off for a Vinyl Voyage.

Since liftoff 3 years ago FNF has always been a labour of love. To be honest these trips never earned a single cubit -- Just because you got wings don't mean you can fly, baby. So with that in mind the more invites and attendings i see happening the cheaper this last Fever will be. I reckon tix will be $5 all night to a maximum of $8 depending on your hype. Same goes for an after party *)

So this is it. Final mission, Vangroovers. The Mayans are sayin' it's time to reinvent the wheel, the Colonel's taking the Solstice Gate back to Shuswap Quadrant and you don't have to leave the galaxy but you can't stay here. So Get The Funk Out!

Posted by woodhead

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