Homebreakin Presents: Body Language VI FEB 9 The Beaumont


“There is strong shadow where there is much light.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The light of a metropolis emits from the hearts of its denizens, especially in its darker hours. Communities are mosaics of the interwoven intentions and aspirations of individuals, linked to others by collaboration, competition and common purpose. To the untrained ear, the city is a sleeping giant, an idle pharoah. To those who strive to navigate cultural waters by their senses, the city is a debutante, a conflicted youth, a wizened sage, and a streetwise hustler- a seething chorus whispering, muttering, and screaming while it seeks affirmation from and connection to the voices it has learned to hear in the wind.

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Join us for a night of kinetic conversation and be reminded of your eloquent bodies by...


The legend of Hoola is long and storied, and covers a LOT of ground. As an essential member of the Vitamin Tribe in Halifax, he pioneered an era of electronic shows on the east coast. Moving westward, he established World Headquarters in Nelson, the nerve center / record store for the scene that spawned the now legendary Shambhala music festival. Since then, he's curated and produced the Beach Stage / Living Room, an ambience known for its range of styles and depth of vision. Hoola is a major forefather of dance community in Canada, and his DJ sets reflect a wide variety of discerning taste. He's known for his monstrous vinyl collection of rare disco and funk as well as a penchant for futuristic electronic grooves- so basically he'll be right at home at the Beaumont.



Sean Plusoneminusone Matwiy and Liam Likemind Joneser have quickly become ambassadors of a fresh style of house music in Vancouver, and for good reason. Diligent educators and diverse selectors, the pair have begun to produce events for Vancouver's dance community, while maintaining focus on their ever-evolving DJ sets. Fusing new 4x4 varietals springing forth from bass producers with the sound of classic house and techno, these two mega-friends are a must-see in 2013.


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