The spot is decorated to the max from what i've seen, these guys have put much work into this space. Really excited about this party the line-up is crazy.



The Warehouse Grand Opening

TICKET PURCHASE: http://5dparadigmtickets.blogspot.ca/

9pm Sat December 21st, 2013
Doors Open: 9pm - 6am

This is the start of something very special! Please come and support this cause! We have converted an old grow warehouse into an experience that you will not soon forget! This particular event will also be part of CrashCourse (DJ/Producer)'s The Finer Things EP release tour!

This warehouse WILL have many wonderful times to come if we can get it off the ground! Vancouver Island needs something like this and it will be a wonderful venue to showcase much talent in the future!


Grimekeepa - 9pm-10pm

Apatchi 10pm-11pm

CrashCourse 11pm-12:30pm

Woodhead 12:30pm-2am

Fedski 2am-3am

Jennay Badger 3am-4am

Subclaim 4am-5am


Grimekeepa - https://soundcloud.com/dj-grimekeepa

Apatchi - https://soundcloud.com/apatchisound

CrashCourse - https://soundcloud.com/crashcourse

Woodhead - https://soundcloud.com/woodhead

Fedski - https://soundcloud.com/fedski

Jennay Badger - https://soundcloud.com/jennaybadger

Subclaim - https://soundcloud.com/subclaim

EVERY one of these artists were carefully selected from the adventures of festival season 2013, each bringing something special to the table.

TICKET PURCHASE: http://5dparadigmtickets.blogspot.ca/


The location will be in the Cowichan Valley centrally located between Nanaimo and Victoria, on Vancouver Island. There will be a shuttle service provided from a nearby parking lot to get guests to and from the warehouse.

Parking Location TBA 24 hrs before event.

Shuttle times to The Warehouse are 8:45pm-11:00pm. Shuttle times returning to the parking lot are 2am-6am.

Please note that you cannot drive to the event on your own! You must take the shuttle as there is not sufficient parking at The Warehouse.
Alcohol is not permitted. Smoking is also not permitted inside the warehouse, however an outdoor smoking pit will be provided.


We have a limited amount of tickets. Pre-sale tickets available for $25 below and $30 at the door.

TICKET PURCHASE: http://5dparadigmtickets.blogspot.ca/

We hope this will be an unforgettable experience for you all, we do it for the love of the culture. See all you lovelies there!

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