Homebreakin Presents: Body Language 14 feat. HEBEGEBE, BIKES, THAT AFRICAN


It is November. A time to reclaim your happiness, to shout "fuck you!" to the onset of rainy season blahs. Not like it gets any easier. What with the price of limes, the amount of electioneering going on, the intransigent evisceration of progressive dialog by monolithic cabals of self-interested myopic sociopaths, the embargo on pogs(tm), and the all-consuming demands of the media age... but where was I? Oh yes. Reclaiming your happiness.

Body Language 14 purports to offer the following:

- Various rooms of friends
- Nice sound
- Artesenal Visuals by Lighthead Visuals
- Good drinks
- Throwback and throw-forward chunes

Music by:


Presented by: SKMB, Homebreakin Records, The Beaumont Studios

Posted by woodhead

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