Body Language 17 at Beaumont Studio

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The dawg days of summer are in full effect, and boy ain't it great. Beach time, camp stoves, cheap blueberries and a reinvigoration of the physical body in relation to its spaces and places. There's plenty to celebrate, and with a forum like the newly minted Beaumont Studios, it's entirely possible, even probable. With our overlapping goals of dance floor emancipation, exposing fresh talent to our voracious younglings, and a generally good-natured approach to partying, we present to you another edition of Vancouver's best little dance party.

Mueslix by:


We are so blessed to have our own top shelf Canadian export in the house, representing a unique vision of house and techno. He's collided head-on with the dance music rebirth in Berlin, littered the planet with quality, playable releases, and now he's coming back to the West Coast to share his travels with us.

Recent releases on Cynosure, Highgrade and Trapez LTD have earned a renewed focus on his distinctive production style and extensive discography. With his False Image collaboration with Tom Clark out now on Get Physical - and projects with Pablo Bolivar on Apparel, and Tim Xavier on Alphahouse, respectively - his sound has reached more ears than ever this past year. Meanwhile, his latest full-length, Third Culture, continues to earn critical praise, further establishing his reputation as an artist with as much vision as his abundant skill.


Andy, Andy, Andy. What can we say here. It cannot go unsaid that this man is objectively handsome. With that out of the way, we can focus on the fact that he's been a mainstay of the west coast house music environment since 1999 and beyond. Countless of his crisp, creative concoctions have graced crates thanks to his Clocktower Recordings, and the denizens of Festivus, a regional campout dynamo, know all about his shenanigans both on and off the court. Either way, he's a team player; he'll work hard in the corners, chase the puck up the boards, get it on net, and get to the bench all without breaking his trademark "Esquire" sunglasses / grin combo.

visual environment by LIGHTHEAD

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