Podcast: Woodhead - Late Night Business - Vol 3

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Sometimes you just have to pour some whiskey, turn the lights down low, press record and start djing. This mix features favorite selections from some of my late night playlists this summer. Thanks for listening to my music!


01. Secondcity - I Wanna Feel (Cristoph remix)
02. Borrowed Identity - Addictive
03. Eskuche Nu Sky - The Future
04. PBR Streetgang - Move On, Don't Want Me
05. Mia Dora - Raw Kiss
06. Ruben Mandolini - Abduction
07. Pluto - Grange Road West (Boxia remix)
08. Soledrifter - A Word On Music
09. Svida - Freerider
10. Cristoph - Reachin'
11. Waifs & Strays - Work On You
12. PBR Streetgang - Move On, Don't Want Me
13. Tato - Acamon
14. Waifs & Strays - Beat On The Drums
15. Wouter De Moor & Mulder - Rubato
16. Copy Paste Soul - On Point
17. Huxley - Diesel
18. HeavyFeet - Collect_All & Rave (Joyce Muniz remix)
19. Tom Budden - Shouldn't Be Here
20. Majora - Cougar
21. Landis LaPace - Zesty Nachos (hard mix)

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