Woodhead on Spliffbreaks

Woodhead on Spliffbreaks

29 September 2015

@Spliffbreaks asked to interview me @basscoastproj. I said yes, as long as we did the interview in the mobile sauna. At first they were a little worried about the camera getting salty and steamy. In the end they risked their expensive recording equipment and went for it. Watch the interview here:

"While during our visit to the 2015 Bass Coast Music Festival, we had the chance to interview Darren Woodhead or simply known to many as, Woodhead. Being the veteran in the House/Techno and Festival scenes in Vancouver and surrounding areas of British Columbia that he is, his insight on not only music but also the festival culture on a whole is in depth and extensive. Spliff Breaks was lucky enough to soak up some of those experiences with him during our time spent at this amazing festival.

Woodhead and John Zee discuss mobile saunas and The Sauna Sessions, the Vancouver Electronic music scene/community, Woodhead's early days and the Soundwave Festival (Tofino, B.C.), differences from earlier party days to more current music festivals, what excites Woodhead about the current rave scene and much more.."

Host / Producer: John Zee
Twitter X Instagram X Facebook: @spliffbreaks

Filmed by Spencer Rieu and Paddy Lane - http://www.tmmedia.ca/

Video edited by: Spencer Rieu

Twitter: @DarrenWoodhead

Bass Coast:
Instagram X Twitter: @BassCoastProj
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BassCoastFes...

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