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I'm on the visuals tomorrow!

Homebreakin' & The Funk Hunters Present - Vancouver's Unofficial Shambhala Afterparty:

► 2 Rooms of sound in Vancouver's Best new Music Venue, The Imperial! ◀


TROPICAL THUNDER IV - Edición Internacional

Featuring 2013 Shambhala Performing Artists:


➢ FUNK THE SYSTEM - Brazil -


➢ K-LAB - New Zealand -






$20 Tickets Available at Beatstreet, Highlife, Zulu, &


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I'm on Lighthead duty tonight. Lets go!
Wood 'n' Soo present:

JPOD The Beat Chef (Swingset Sounds,

JPOD’s signature sound combines dropkick drums, bobblehead bass and intelligent instrumentation that uniquely represents the flowering West-Coast Canada flavor. With highly original productions, remixes and an innovative DJ style, JPOD’s live performances never fail to impress listeners and dancers alike, invariably creating an army of smiling faces.

Having toured in Western Canada, Australia and West Coast US at both clubs and festivals, JPOD continues to energetically spread his sound to all open ears. | |

Wood 'n' Soo (Ghetto Funk, Re:Soul Records, East Van Digital)

Known for their genre-defying mix tapes and 4-turntable performances, DJs Wood ‘n’ Soo have proven time and again their ability to rock just about any crowd that’s put before them. Since joining forces in 2004 they have attained a world wide cult following and shared the stage with an impressive list of international talents, including the likes of DJ Z-Trip, Bassnectar, Afrika Bambaataa, Q-Bert, DJ NuMark, Stanton Warriors, Shy FX, Zion I, South Rakkas Crew and many more. With a slew of chart-topping releases in the last few years, Wood 'n' Soo have been rocking dancefloors with their unique, funky, and bass-driven tunes receiving support from DJs around the world. On the strength of their diverse and bass heavy 2 x 4 sets, they have rocked clubs across the country and become mainstays of Vancouver’s night life scene. | |

Casio Copilot (

Sound by Application Audio | Visuals by Lighthead Visuals

Friday, May 31st

The Anza Club - 3 W 8th Ave Vancouver

9pm - 2am | 19+ ID required


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I'm performing live visuals tonight at this unique event on Commercial Drive.


We will celebrate with a purpose as we gather for our third event at the beginning of summer. The last event at The Legion on Commercial Drive went so well that we decided to hold it there again, this time with a brand new set of community submitted projects looking to make their dreams a reality with your help.

The New Democratic Dance Party (NDDP) is a local organization that aims to fund substantial community projects. The NDDP fuses dance-culture with direct democratic process, whereby funds gathered through admission are pooled to form a grant. The grant is awarded on the evening of the party through a live voting system.

Our first and second events were big successes, we gave out $2000 for our first grant and over $2800 for our second one.

This would not have been possible without the generous donations of time from our organizers, artists, volunteers, presenters, and sponsors, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts.

This time we hope to refine the model and again help our community achieve it's dreams, and have a lot of fun while we do it!

We need your support to generate the highest possible grant, so please share this event with your friends.

19+ licensed only $15 @ the door because we love you!

4 NEW FINALISTS ANNOUNCED, they are, in no particular order:

Idle No More - Artists in Solidarity
"Surface Tensions: Decolonization of local spaces"
This group showing of artwork aims to provide both First Nations’ and settlers’ perspectives on themes associated with First Nations rights and autonomy, decolonization, and environmental issues. Opening on Canada Day 2013, this show offers a voice of anti-colonialism in response to a day that commemorates a legacy of on-going racism and environmental exploitation. This show will provide safe and respectful spaces for the expression of multi-vocality associated with the Idle No More Movement, and the reality of the entanglement of diverse communities within this current Canadian landscape.


BC Mandate Party X

PartyX is a non-partisan movement working towards a new, deeper and stronger form of democracy through the development of online tools that connect people and ideas. We are working to revitalize politics by making policies, issues and ideas as accessible as the online social networks we already know and love.


******************************************************************The Rise of the DDP

From time immemorial, human beings have gathered at night to sing and dance and celebrate life; to share music and laughter and set their spirits free.

But with the rise of modern civilization, all public life became regulated and commodified, the traditions were lost, and the soul of Partying faded further and further from memory...

But we have a plan.

A plan to restore the soul and ensure that Partying is respected, legitimized and forever enshrined as a cultural institution of paramount importance. One which will soon rise to reshape the world.

It's called Tom and Gary's Decentralized Dance Party AKA The Party Revolution.


Creating Change: Environmental Campaign Workshops

As a democracy, we've got the ability to rally together to create environmental change, but it can be a pretty daunting thing to do! How do you get public support for an idea? What are the best practices for creating a strategy? And how can you do all of the above while being environmentally conscious? The Starfish aims to host public workshops that will teach local youth how to make a difference through environmental campaigning. These workshops will include concepts of team dynamics, conflict resolution, lobbying, and others that will help shape the environmental leaders of tomorrow.



Local audio sponsorship by:

**WILLISIST** SHAHdjs (Vancouver BC)

Deep and rolling DnB, chuggy thick half time, positive uplifting celebratory enthsiastic music. Close your eyes and listen closely, there are layers, and shifts. You will end up in a different place, exactly where you are.
For the love of Drum and Bass, this is Willisist, founder of the SHAHdjs and since 2007 he has opened or hosted for the likes of Calibre, Dub FX, Dub Phizix, D-Bridge, Aphrodite, Blu Mar Ten, Breakage, High Contrast, Shimon, Pendulum, Von D, Netsky and dozens more.

**LYSSA** (Victoria BC)

Lyssa is passionate about art, clothing & costume design, music, & dancing. Her first appearance as DJ "Lyssa" took place in 2005. Having spent 11 years in Mexico, and being fortunate enough to be exposed to Latin culture, she has a strong desire to explore her roots in her musical selections. Lyssa's style could be described as sexy, smooth, organic, & classy, depending on what what mood we catch her in, expect anything from deep rolling Chicago house to quirky & bouncy Latin house..

Lyssa has had the privilege of performing at summer festivals such as Shambhala Music Festival, Victoria Electronic Music Festival, Entheos Gathering, Bushwacked, Fozzyfest, Uprising, and Solaris. She made Victoria her home in spring 2007, and you can catch her performing regularly at some of the city's coolest lounges & underground hotspots like Hush, The Sunset Room, Temple, Cenote & The Mint.


The VHS was Amenda's first creative medium for making mixtapes while still in her single digits. Additional experiences with woodwind instruments led a natural transition from bedroom DJ to the dance floor, allowing efficacious beat-matching from square one, with a first love in UK Garage classics.

Amenda's influence on the scene was quite prevalent as a co-founder of the Flydjs initiative beginning in 2005, Kelowna, BC. JGirl as founder and partner led impactful projects such as female DJ lessons which resulted many successful women in the DJ scene when they were scarce, still active today from the first lessons. Her heavy involvement landed her gigs in countries such as USA, England, Spain and Germany.

More recently, you will see her participating in events which support social responsibility or she's actively pursuing design to push the experience and brand of her local team slowdjs and their affiliates.

**FRITZ THE CAT** (Toronto ON)

Fritz The Cat, AKA Jesse Fritz is one of THE ORIGINATORS of the NDDP Vision, and we are thrilled to have him back in BC to play a set for us. Also, it's his birthday! So we are going to all throw him a heck of a party.

Jesse has always told himself that he belongs on the dance floor or behind the scenes of dance culture. But aside from producing events, and always being the last to leave the floor, Jesse has had an addiction to searching out dope new sounds. After building up a collection, he feel it's only right to share this music with those who might not ever hear otherwise.


Lighting and visuals by LIGHTHEAD

Performance by FERALESQUE


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Going to be charming the crap out of you on live visuals tonight.

The Super Happy Dance Deejays and the Beaumont Studios present:

CHARMS: A SUPER HAPPY St. Paddy's Day Magically Delicious Funtime Party



Charms have fascinated our society for thousands of years. They attract our eyes, and bring luck, prosperity, and power. The projection of energy and meaning that makes these physical objects a charm. Once energized, these gems of notoriety become powerful units that gain us entrance into the worlds that we desire.

A Charm can be an amulet, unit of measurement, a method to avoid the snakes in our lives, or represent eternal symbols of our past. Their heads can be spun, they may fly high in the sky, or they may dangle on our prized posessions. Charms may be traded, gifted, or won in a game of chance. They remain a symbol of truth, ward us from danger, and protect us from the unidentified. A charm can be a way of life, it can be a princely person, and the subtle act of charm may bring us all that we desire.

Charms – they power our ship of life, they bring us joy, and their glints may bring us our greatest desires.
We call ye all to celebrate an eternity of trinkets. Let us celebrate the Charms.

All Charms welcome – payment will be accepted in coin, gold, silver, and plastic whore money.

feat. the sounds of:

DJ "Leprechaun" EVO
DJ "Kiss Me, I may or may not be Irish" Hubbz
Spilt "Top o' the Mornin" Milk
DJ "Boiled Potatoes" Wood
DJ "Pot o Gold" Soo

playing the best in funk/soul/disco/house/breaks/hip hop/techno/drum n bass/irish jig/leprechaunstep/slide whistle

Visuals by Lighthead Visuals -

Costumes strongly encouraged - show your charms!
Prizes! Pot o' gold!

BYOT (bring your own troll).

We will be giving away free tickets in a "best limerick" contest!

Saturday March 16th
The Beaumont Studios
316 West 5th Ave.
9pm - Late

Advance tickets: $15, more at the door.
Tickets available online here:
and at Beatstreet records

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Big night at Chapel Arts coming up. I'll be supplying the visuals for this slayfest.

When?: Friday, January, 18th, 2013
Where?: Chapel Arts Studio
Who?: Reilly Steel (Senseless, Top Billin), Heartbeat(s) (FoF Music, Palms Out), 314

$15 at the door

**There will be a super special $OFFICIAL$ afterparty aftwerwards by our friend Cherchez and Sleep Late!!!

Reilly Steel: is a young producer dabbling in the murky undercurrents of house and techno, with his productions tinged with the sensibilities of bass music. Keenly aware of the importance of making his envelope-pushing productions be compatible with dance floors. And, despite his young age, showing a deft understanding and appreciation for old school warehouse sounds. Having previously played in Vancouver last year with Aufect, he quickly became a crowd favourite with his infectious DJ set and innate crowd-rocking skills.

Heartbeat(s): is the new alias for ex LOL Boys member Markus Garcia. Having recently relocated from Montreal to Vancouver to take a fresh perspective on life and music. Fans of Aufect and 314 should be no stranger to this man's work - His skill as a producer shining through everything he touches. His new work represents the culmination of his experience and contribution to LOL Boys, with a strong Detroit and Chicago house influence. Now, having planted his roots in our fine city, he is already beginning to make waves with his DJ sets and powerful presence as a musician.

314: These two cats have been steadily impressing and becoming a veritable force in their own right, on the decks and in their own personal productions. They have teamed up with us here at Aufect and we're proud to call these guys our partners in crime. Expect a peerless selection of house, techno and bass music cuts.

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I'll be shining the visuals this Friday.***DOORS AT 11:30***

Aufect Presents together with 314 are very excited to bring to Canada for the very first time, the one, the only... Wheez-ie!!

Hailing from the heartland of crunk and dirty south, Wheez-ie aka Matt Mauldin has been on a steady rise in the underground bass music scene since his first release dropped on Well Rounded Individuals back in 2011.

His productions blend the sounds of juke and footwork, with his hometown influenced ghetto-aesthetic and a healthy respect for the old school rave. Combining perfect amounts of chest-caving subs, cheeky vocal sampling and innovative synthesizer use. Being a recent graduate of Berklee Music School you can hear the quality oozing from every facet of his productions. He seems to have an inherent midas touch that give his music a certain je ne sais quoi, that is equal parts club friendly and intellectual.

Now, with some serious weight behind his catalogue, on some of the scene's most revered labels like Frite Nite, Embassy, Freshmore and Grizzly, and arguably one of last year's biggest anthems in 'Barefoot Billy' there seems to be no stopping Matt from certain world domination.

Join us would you, for a night of forward thinking dance music, with some of favourite locals supporting. We promise stirling vibes, cheap dranks, and the best damn music. Pushing forward to bridge the gaps and bring to Vancouver the finest artists from around the globe.

~FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16th, 2012~
LOCATION: That Place
TIME: 11:30 PM

* WHEEZ-IE (Frite Nite, Embassy, Grizzly, Well Rounded, Freshmore) - HOUSTON, USA

Local support from:

* HxdB (Aufect, Tectonic, Sounds of Sumo, Palms Out)

* Cure (Aufect, Lighta!, Really Good)

* 314

Visuals by: LIGHTHEAD

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I'm lighting up this event! Check Dr. J's mix below.

-A Friday Night Fever all-vinyl one night stand with Saskatoon's DR. J , Whistler's Vinyl Ritchie , DJ Hubbz, MC Cherry Wine , & The Stunt Man (of course) with visuals by Woodhead's company, LIGHTHEAD.

This time at the rather upscale, but totally down to party, Beaumont Studios: an established venue for Vancouver’s art, theatrical, dance and music scene located on the corner of 5th and Alberta.
The only thing that could make this space better is the Friday Night Fever Sound System, Wicked DJs and a huge stack of wax and we're bringing it all. Tell your friends this will be a good one.

Featuring Visuals by LIGHTHEAD

Dancing by Whistler A Go Go Girls' Ace Mackay
and Hoola by Jessie Rockley & Dixie Honey

$10 bux @ the door.

Still featuring The Cheapest Drinks Downtown™

Bump it:

DR.J (Saskatoon) - 45 RPM '45 Flavours' Set - June 4th, 2010:

VINYL RITCHIE (Whistler) - 45 RPM Set - May 28, 2010:

THE STUNT MAN & MC CHERRY WINE - All Vinyl Set - April 1, 2011


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BC Mobile Sauna Society

The BCMSS is a sauna society based in Vancouver, BC. We host sauna sessions and operate our mobile saunas.

Also view a gallery of
lots of other mobile saunas and a Mobile Sauna book!

BCMSS is a community supported wellness project, we depend on your contributions.
Make a contribution to the BC Mobile Sauna Society