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I'll be playing music from 11-12am. It's such an honor for me to be a part of this with one of the best couple of crews in the city. info:

"WE, the Sasspots, WE who live beneath this shiny new city of ports and shores, between these streetlights and steel-interrupted sunsets.... WE, in the shadows of this retracting spaceship landscape... WE of these tall jags of high cement towers and bottomless pits, the digging of which rattle our spines and hearts.... WE of the cracks and crevices between the swept streets and the empty recycle bin promises... WE of the dim lights and glittering eyes and low sounds... WE, who see and hunt and live for the simplest of beauties – WE, the Sasspots, do declare a very necessary night of wild abandon FREE of prying eyes."

JOIN US as we step through mineshafts into the caves of the deep city belly... delving low and far enough that we unlock the spirits of the UNDERGROUNDS PAST. Gold rush miners, can can girls, and SALOON courtesans; flappers, dames and SPEAK-EASY mobsters; travelling CIRCUS performers and luscious OPIUM DEN velvets; rowdy and vivacious off-duty tradesmen, sailors and steam workers; golden era BACKLOT starlet-wannabes, vintage pin-up centrefolds, and of course, BURLESQUE STRIPTEASERS.

They always knew how to have the most fun. And it almost always had to be in secret.

Let's remember together. Doors at 10pm... we go LATE.

Posted by woodhead

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