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That's right boys and girls:

Everyone's favourite epic annual bday bash + fundraiser is back for a 3rd round! This year, we plan to make it even more epic by adding more rooms, DJs, sound, artists/performances, and other things that'll make this a rave party of epic proportions :)

Who’s playing this year? Almost all your favourite DJs, carefully handpicked from all corners of our awesome scene! What kind of music can you expect? The perfect soundtrack for your raving, chilling, and everything in between in 4 different rooms!

You want more? How about killer las0rz by Stimulating Emissions Laser and eye candy by Endorphin Images + C130 - Ian Ross + Lighthead Visuals.

And that’s not all! To top it all of we got:
♥ A SMRTBAR to power you up for an all night of raving
♥ Aerial acrobatics by M.Cat ~ Omnika In Motion [omnikainmotion.com]
♥ Fabulous go-go dancers by Zynth & Co.
♥ Ball pit by The Love Bus
♥ Hula hoop performance by Westina Paradunkeypunch
♥ Live painting of the Rave-Aid Man by Sam Shoichet [to be auctioned and proceeds donated]
♥ Performance art piece by Marcia Gay
♥ Groovy decorations and art work
♥ Photography by Mood.Berlin and Culture Thug Photography
♥ Videography by Xanax Assassins

->> Prizes for best Raver-Girl and Raver-Boy ($50 gift certificates to The Eatery/@The The General Public)

$15 (first 120), $20 thereafter, more at the door [if any]

Attention those born within 2 weeks (before/after) of this event: since this is a bday bash, you get in free if your birthday falls between Mar 14 and Apr 11. Just send an email to raveaid at zyx.com with the subject [IT IS MAH BIRFDAY] and we’ll put you on the b-day VIP list. One lucky winner will also be selected at random to ride the RaveBus and dine with the crew at The Eatery before the party!

On-sale at:
♥ Beat Street (439 W. Hastings/604-683-3344)
♥ Puff Uptown (3255 Main/604-708-9804)

♥ All proceeds will be donated to the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House [http://dtesnhouse.ca/]

Well, wouldn’t you like to know? :) As usual, the location will be a secret until the day of the event and announced via the info line at 604.222-8744 on the afternoon of the event. Don’t worry, it is close to Downtown Vancouver and public transit.

For those of you who want a fun experience getting there, Rave-Ambassador Inkster will be hosting our Rave-Bus once again and pick up all you party goers from locations in the West End, East Van and Main St. area [TBA] between 9:30-10:30pm, but make sure you plan a safe ride home with a friend!

We are still looking for a few awesome people to come lend a hand with setup/tear-down and/or decorations on the day of the event and the day after. Shoot over a message to raveaid@zyx.com if you’re interested.

Are you ready for this? Here we go!

WAREHOUSE: [House+Techno+Breaks]
Neighbour vs Woodhead

Heros of Awesometown [Andy Clockwork vs Patrick Kelly]

Ceebas vs Mark Bayrock

Ryan Wells vs Bikes

Kasey Riot vs DJ Pandemonium

Todd Wautier vs Aaron DelaFunk

and with Special Guest Opener
Kimmy K

Eye-candy by Endorphin Images
Las0rz by Stimulation Emissions

DEEPTECH (Deep+Tech)
Miss Innocent vs Nancy Dru

Kai Serada [live]

Marco G

MidnightVulture vs Austin Phillips
https://www.mixcloud.com/Austin-Phillips/, https://soundcloud.com/austin-phillips

Robin Banks vs Luke Summers

Kafka vs Matt Tecson

Howl Sound

Eye-candy by C130 [Ian Ross]

SLOWFI (Disco+Funk+Edits+House)
Abasi vs Glyn

Bokeh vs Stepdaughter

THE FAN TAN Disco Gang [Andrew Allsgood vs. Inkster]

KASH vs Chris Drinovz

Dave Dirk

Shusmo vs Andy Soloman

Eye-candy by Lighthead Visuals

Hobbyhoff [The Hobbyist vs Hasslehoff]

Disociate vs Kir Mokum

Dubconscious vs Barlee

Snailrider vs Soolah Sound Spectacular


That’s it boys and girls! Now remember:

♥ ♥ This event is 19+, so please bring ID
♥ ♥ Leave the attitude at home, bring your good vibes, and let's RAVE for a good cause!
♥ ♥ PLUR.
♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥

Posted by woodhead


Tomorrow is Body Language 15 and the final party at the old Beaumont. Excited to see everyone for this send off!

Body Language 15 : The Re-Birth of Cool

Modal jazz has a few precepts that are shared with and mirrored closely in house and techno production. Both forms employ limited chord changes and explore fully the harmonic and tonal content within certain "modes", or derivative scales of the diatonic scale. In addition, both styles encourage the breaking of musical rules, employing atonal, dissonant, and percussive elements to disrupt the listener's sense of safety, of predictability, in the attempt to create a dynamic dialog between "in" and "out". Though the perfomance format is wildly different, the same inputs and creative philosophy prevails, which is the interraction between performers, audience, and some sense of "other" that's being tapped through a combination of virtuosity and spirituality.

Talent for Body Language 15

Rennie Foster - the legend, the dubnut himself. He's the man. Working dilligently on his career that spans decades and continents, Rennie's productions and sets have made an impact that keeps him in demand globally to this day. We're honoured to have such a battle-tested DJ grace the decks at our little jam, and I will put out the warning fair and square that this guy does not hold back and you should expect a full-on throwdown that stands in sharp contrast to what we might consider a "west coast sound". You'll bear witness to a large degree of improvisation and physicality with this wizard of rhythm and tone.



Bookended By:

BIKES - https://soundcloud.com/bikesmusic
HOWL SOUND - https://soundcloud.com/howl-sound
NEIGHBOUR - https://soundcloud.com/neighbour-homebreakin
WOODHEAD - https://soundcloud.com/woodhead

Visual Environment by Lighthead Visuals
Friendly, welcoming door and bar staff, nice friends, good vibes.

Posted by woodhead


Digging up some classics on wax for this throw down tomorrow at Anza Club.

Did you forget about breaks? Well, WE DIDN'T!

It's that time again, where we get old school with the music, flyer and even the price!



[Homebreakin Records]

[Funk Hunters]


[Van City Soul Hop]

[Good Party]

[SHAH djs]



Come join amazing DJs from a wide array of local crews throw down what will be sure to be a crazy breakin, booty shakin good time.


lighting by:


3 w 8th ave
$5 before 10pm

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Always loved Tina Turners rendition of Higher by Sly and Family Stone. Had to put some analog synths and drums to beef it up for a dance floor chugger. Download it on my Soundcloud below. ox.

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Looking forward experiencing the magic that is Aquarius Party. This party goes way back and i've been privileged to be a part of a few over the years. Can't wait!

An Energy Alchemy Extravagana

Spreading the Love, spreading the Vibe and the Evolution Revolution for a quarter of a century! An evening of Aquarian Age magic and mayhem on the day of LOVE!
Fashion ,Djs, Dance, Interactive performance art
brought to you with LOVE by
DOPE - Defenders Of Planet Earth, Studio East, Heranalien and Bushbabes

Magic is happening

This year for your aural and visual delight, we gather a collection with a very nice selection of some of BC's finest designers and Djs. Join us in an interactive evening of fashion and show us your fancy footwork on the dance floor!

ONLINE TICKETS http://aquarius2015.eventbrite.ca/


Vinyl Ritchie
Sheldon Knight
Kristy Klark

Watermelon with the Ladies of Licorice

Dance Performance by Rak'shada


Kind Clothing - Temple of the modern girl
Jessie Rockley
Varya Krupskya Lutjen

VISUALS by Aspect Media & Mieke Jay

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Playing music upstairs in the projection Room with Neighbour

Trans American Sounds is a new night with the focus of showcasing the best of Continental America’s underground electronic music. This session will focus on talent from Mexico, US and Canada.



Damián Romero
(Mutek, Mexico/Mayan Warrior)

Container (R.I/ Live P.A)

Nervous Operator (Live P.A)

Ashlee Luk (Bodyheat/ //zoo/ LIE)

NAP (Daniel R/ Live P.A)

Ultimate Lover (Italo Heartbreaker)


Neighbour + Woodhead (Homebreakin Records)



About The Artists:

(Mutek, Mexico/Mayan Warrior)
Damian Romero is a busy man. Known throughout North America and Europe as a prized DJ, producer and creative director, he has made a name for himself in Mexico City producing high quality cultural events like MUTEK MX, the international festival of digital creativity & electronic music, reBERV experimental rock sessions with Vice, and many others. At nights he only DJs Mexico City’s more sought out after parties and heads M.N. Roy’s programming— considered by many to be one of the best underground clubs in the world. He is also one of the music curators and resident DJs at MAYAN WARRIOR (Burning Man), which is a collaborative group of artists, builders, photographers, designers, technologists, architects and musicians from Mexico City and Northern California. The man behind MUTEK MX, which celebrated its eleventh edition last year, is known to always deliver edgy, avant-garde and forward thinking aesthetics, no matter what he does. So expect nothing less….

(R.I/ Live P.A)
Container is the musical project of Ren Schofield.Heavy and hypnotic in its crunching power, the Container project is a rhythmic tour de force: a constant, menacing display built from cassette tapes and analogue synths. Schofield's an outsider creating his own path, and Container maintains a glued-at-the-seams feel even when his fusion of noise and dance is perfect.


About the Fox Cabaret
Located in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, The Fox Cabaret is a nightclub and performance space which provides a platform for the best of independent culture Vancouver. An almost 40-year-neighborhood fixture, the Fox has been home to a cult cinema, an indian movie house and was the last 35mm adult theatre in North America. Relaunched in 2013 by the Arrival Agency, the Fox has been reborn as a cultural space with a commitment to high quality, music, art, performance, entertainment and fun.


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Looking forward to re-uniting with the finest of Festivus, one of my favorite summer festivals. I'll be playing music with Ryan Wells. Don't miss it!

"Join a 14 DJ, "Festivus All Stars" roster for 2 ROOMS of music, jacked full of your favourite dance floor movers.

With the cold weather outside, we are calling out to all our Festi-family to bring your warm Festi-vibes and favourite Festi-memories and share some holiday cheer."

Line-up ::

Woodhead vs Ryan Wells
Briser G vs Matt Hudolin
Andy Clockwork vs Patrick Kelly - "Heros of Awesometown"
Expo vs J-Feud
Jesse Hills vs The Sly Virus
Jimmy Haslam vs Todd Wautier - "Clinical Trials"
Mike Arnold

Pre-sale tickets for this MASSIVE Jam available starting Weds online or at The BASSment - Tom Lee Music to save service charges

$15 advanced / more at the door

Special, "The Gift of Festivus" tickets will be available Dec 12th for $80.

>Festivus Summer Music Festival & Beats of Strength
**** that's like paying only $60 for Festivus *** CRAZY!!! ****

GOF - Pre-sale will continue until Christmas. Direct or e-Transfer only.
What better gift for that special person on your list-ivus?

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Jupiter has a strong tradition of house music in Vancouver's West End. People with hungry feet have sought out the more musical side of dance beats in this classic venue for more than a decade. We intend to carry this torch by providing old school house, garage, and disco edits to the masses.

Expect vibes, friends, good drinks, and above all, that classic Homebreakin Records focus on classed-up grooves. All of this with absolutely NO COVER!

Friday Nov 28th is your chance to bring it back with us.
With your premium selectors:

Neighbour - soundcloud.com/neighbour-homebreakin
BIKES (DJ/Producer) - https://soundcloud.com/bikesmusic
Woodhead - https://soundcloud.com/woodhead

No Cover!

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Staying cozy up on The Drive tonight, i'll be playing music from 11-2am

"Woodhead is here spinning R&B, hip hop and house, tomorrow, November 7th. We'll have $5 glasses of red and white, $3 beers and a variety of delicious #Mexican fare. Check out Woodhead on Soundcloud here: http://ow.ly/DWzqq"

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For most of the world Halloween is a holiday where you strap on a costume and go door to door asking randoms for candy (which lets be honest, sounds like a lot of fun) but here at D-Blok Studios we do Halloween a little differently, namely with a giant sound system, big visuals, a couple hundred of our closest friends and some epic talent that will shake your boots off, including Salmon Arm heavyweight Abstrakt Sonance, Vancouver legend Woodhead and local superstars Spoon, Hertz Donut, B-Mid and of course the incomparable Badger! So get your tickets, and get on down to where Duncan's rave scene is the strongest and where the vibes can't be beat! GET SPOOKY!


8-9 :: Badger
9-10 :: B-Mid
10-11 :: Spoon
11-12 :: Hertz Donut
12-130 :: Woodhead
130-3 :: Abstrakt Sonance

Abstrakt Sonance
A force like no other in the bass music world. Slaying every genre, plus experimenting into uncharted realms, Abstrakt is still very known world wide with his Dubstep and Drum & Bass. His influences and attitude were born from years of absolute madness, abuse, drugs, near death and a desire to use these negatives as a positive and create something new, something that constantly evolves with him on his new life. His mind is now on a focused path to constantly create and share his message and music with the world. With constant shows, and tours slowly tracing around the globe, Abstrakt will no doubt be a name, and a face, you wont soon forget. http://www.westaveproductions.com/abstraktepk.php

Homebreakin Records, East Van Digital
Vancouver’s Darren Woodhead is a West Coast institution. Having cut his teeth touring Western Canada and the States with punk bands, He then went on to host the now legendary Sauna Sessions podcast, broadcasting live from a mobile sauna party somewhere in East Van, and hosted the hugely popular Signal Saturdays at the now defunct Lotus Lounge. He was a mainstay at the Renegade stage at another fabled West Coast festival, Soundwave.
Fast forward to the present and Woodhead has played every big festival in Western Canada to much aplomb. Famous for marathon sets at hours no one in their right mind wants to play, Woodhead thrives playing for people who want to keep the vibe alive. Whether the crowd is in the thousands or single digits he makes sure everyone is dancing.
He has been producing in the studio as well, having some great remixes and originals on scene stalwarts Homebreakin’ Records, Montreal's Editorial Records as well as local upstart East Van Digital, and currently co-organizes the hugely popular Body Language Series in Vancouver with other local luminaries like Neighbour.
The DJ’s DJ, is true journeyman who has clocked more hours than anyone in the scene, Woodhead’s sets get better every year and are guaranteed to bring the vibe he is famous for. Who else can DJ in a 100 degree wooden box or battling 90km winds on Canada’s rugged west coast?
Look out for his new EP Morning Wood on Punchout! Recordings as well as a new album Voices from S2 collaboration Clyphs , this past October on Homebreakin Records.

Hertz Donut

Hertz Donut is the collective of Mitch Mckinnon (Apatchi Sound) and Tim Lange (CrashCourse). First meeting in 2013 - the duo were both hard at work with their solo projects, playing shows, and putting out music on a regular basis around BC's interior. In March of 2014, the duo packed up their belongings and lives, and headed for Vancouver Island. After many late nights spent around the studio in what was known as The 5D Paradigm Warehouse, Hertz Donut was born. The two have been busy ever since the idea first came to be, and are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Expect to hear tonnes of new original music and remixes being cooked up constantly as these two sound addicts continue to glaze the world bass.


D Blok Studios - www.dblokstudios.com

5D Paradigm Productions - www.5dparadigm.com

aka Shawn Spoor has been moving dance floors all over Vancouver Island, with his mixed varieties of drum and bass and broken beats since 2006. Whether it be festivals, bush parties, club nights or house parties, you'll never know what this boy is going to throw at you next. He always knows how to read a crowd and rock a dance floor! Spoon is not one to be missed!
During the past 8 years, Spoon has had the privilege of opening for artists such as Diesel boy, Capital J, Ill gates, Bar 9, Alvin Risk, Knowa Knowone, B-Traits and Taal Mala. Spoon is a staple to the Victoria electronic music scene. You may have seen Spoon play during his monthly residency at Hush Nightclub in Victoria, BC (2010 to present), Victoria Electronic Music Festival (2008-2011), Burning Man (2012), or Bass Camp (2012, 2013).

B-Mid (Producer/DJ)

A Victoria based, British Columbian Electronic Music Producer / Turntablist.

Specializing in Hip Hop infused Bass Music, Weaving his way through all tempos and vibes through the use of Edits, Mashups, Acapellas, Originals and Remixes, Bren Hall puts on a unique and impressive show every single time he plays.

B-Mid has shared a stage and provided support for many of his personal idols including Stickybuds, JFB, JPod, Marten Horger, Skiitour, Funkanomics, K+Lab, Pimpsoul, Slynk, Defunk, Tantric Decks, Neon Steve and more.

Latest Mix : https://soundcloud.com/b-midmusic/summer-2014-mix

Jennay Badger
This high energy gal just can't get enough of the free flowing vibe. Ms.Badger first jumped on the tables in 2010 playing house party's. Now age 20 she has reached new height's and creativity with this unique "art form" She has Shared the stage with Artist's such as Ben Chemikal, Lazy Rich, JFB & many others.

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I'll be playing the music tonight. Les go.

It's a f@cking rock night!

Lords Takeover Vol 6 is here.

We're teaming up with the wholesome crew at Number 5 Orange on Oct 16th for your favourite thursday night in 2014.

Photo Booth w/ The Brand New Lords Garage Co Charlie Crowe Softail

+ Rock Tunes by Darren Woodhead
+ Basil Hayden's Whiskey
+ Lords Popup Shop!!

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Intimate Productions presents

#ParadiseCitySat :: At The Waldorf :: 1489 E Hastings St
Saturday October 11th

It's birthday time in Paradise City this Saturday! Join us as we continue to showcase the best in local talent, and come help celebrate our good friend DJ BIKES' (aka Shawn Henderson) birthday!

featuring the awesome team of DJs:






So come and get down for some dancing & drinks in the Tiki Room At The Waldorf with happy hour $3.50 drink specials before 11pm. Be sure to buy the bday boy many drinks, and who knows, Shawn may even DJ in a space suit :)

Doors 9:30pm | Music 10pm | 19+

Posted by woodhead

Body Language 13.jpg

Triskaidekaphobia, a word coined in 1911, refers to a fear of the number 13. It gives name to this aversion to what is truly an arbitrary numerical representation of quantity. Had we decided to use ᓰﬡ to represent the position of the object after number 12, people would probably find some way to be symbolically scared of ᓰﬡ. Interestingly, several of music's brightest lights have tackled superstition as subject matter - Stevie Wonder, Janet Jackson, The Pixies, and Steve Miller have all taken inspiration from this quirk of human nature. So in the spirit of psychological liberation and lyrical polemics, we invite you to enjoy a night of dancing. Superstitious or not, thirteen is a milestone, and if you're like me, you're already getting withdrawal from that classic get-down feeling. So, join us for a night of kinetic conversation and be reminded of your eloquent bodies by...

DJ Soup (Nelson / Pagoda)

One of the vertebrae in the backbone of Kootenay party music, Rob Campbell has most recently been instrumental in re-envisioning the Main Stage at Shambhala. His guidance has transformed and electrified audiences not only with stunning stagecraft, but also careful and considered musical choices. His DJ sets are similarly curated- a true collector and digger, he combines unreleased and up-to-the-minute fresh goods with forgotten gems of the vinyl era.

supported by:



Spilt Milk


Environment by: Lighthead Visuals

Posted by woodhead


I'll be on visuals and closing things out in the Tabu Room. I hear SKMB has built really cool 3D mapping surfaces for me to project onto. Excited to shine some light on it.

AtTheWaldorf Soft Launch Party!! Yes, The Waldorf will be in full swing again. We are starting things off with this amazing party to showcase some of our friends & djs.

☼ Outside ☼ Smooth Grooves - 8pm-11pm
BIKES (DJ/Producer)
Spilt Milk

▲ Tabu Room ▲ House / Techno - 9:30pm-2am
Kid Vibe
Howl Sound
Woodhead (Of Clyphs)

Visuals by Lighthead Visuals

★ Tiki Room ★
Vinyl Sets by

Dj Evo.
Harvey Harvey

Photos by lindsaysdiet.com

Free before 9pm, $10 after

Happy Hour: $3 Hi-Balls from 8pm-10:00pm


Some Kind Of Music Blog is thrilled to finally share with you our first compilation album featuring music from Kid Vibe, Wmnstudies, Spilt Milk, Ryan Wells, Wax Romeo, CLYPHS, Howl Sound, Third Floor, BIKES, WATSN & Artikal (LDN)

We will be celebrating the release with a night of quality dance music At The Waldorf. The first 25 people through the door will receive a copy of the CD.

☼☼☼ Join us EARLY as we soak up the latter half of summer with an outdoor groove session from 8-11pm and happy hour specials until 10pm ☼☼☼

SKMB Shirts will be on sale for $20 alongside other giveaways!

Special thanks to A Michael Levine Salon Group for helping to make the compilation album a reality!


The infamous Tiki Bar is a multi-venue complex with Tabu and The Hideaway located at the Waldorf. These venues have hosted hundreds of incredible concerts, parties, events, and private performances

1489 East Hastings
Vancouver B.C

Instagram, Twitter, FB

@At The Waldorf

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This weekend we get cosmic with some of our favorite house music djs from vancouver Island and the Mainland.

You are invited to join us for the first Cosmic Campout- A private weekend camping trip on a 60 acre horse ranch in Ladysmith, BC. Friends, family, music and food from Friday August 22nd to Sunday August 24th.

- Limited capacity
- RV sites available
- Food and refreshments for sale
- Kid friendly
- No dogs or cats

Tickets $60
-Proceeds go to the Brew and Bailey vet bill fund

-hardcopy tickets available soon

-online link :



5 pm - 7 pm Big Head Knights
7 pm - 8 pm Brooks
8 pm - 9 pm Neo1
9 pm - 10 pm Naked DJ's
10 pm - 11 pm Carson
11 pm - 12 am Logik
12 am - 1am Mykee
1 am - 2 am Trever
2 am - 3 : 30 am Casey Nefcy
3:30 am - 430 am Nick Karma
430 am 530 am Phil
530 am - close Magdalaina


11 am - 12: 30 pm Bagels & Lox
12:30 pm - 130 pm Lalu
130 pm - 230 pm Lyssa
230 pm -330 pm Techcows
330 pm - 430 pm Michael McCaffery
430 pm 530 pm - Bron
530 pm - 630 pm Fedski
630 pm - 730 pm Matt Rose
730 pm - 830 pm Michael Lacey
8 30 pm - 10 30 pm - Patrick Kelly b2b Andy Clockwork
1030 pm - 12 am Luke McKeehan
1230 am - 2 am Frivolous
2 am - 330 am Guest DJ
330 am - 4 430 am Potashnick
430 am - close J Feud

12 pm - 130 pm DJ Plan
1 30 pm - 230 pm Audiofox
230 pm - 330 pm Nata
330 pm - 430 pm Bendy
430 pm - 530 pm Hristo
530 pm - 630 pm Woodhead
630 pm - 730 pm Cristobal
730 pm - 830 pm Mr. Moe
830 pm - 930 pm ESB
930 pm - 11 pm James Flavour b2b Thom Banks
11pm - close Koosh

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BC Mobile Sauna Society

The BCMSS is a sauna society based in Vancouver, BC. We host sauna sessions and operate our mobile saunas.

Also view a gallery of
lots of other mobile saunas and a Mobile Sauna book!

BCMSS is a community supported wellness project, we depend on your contributions.
Make a contribution to the BC Mobile Sauna Society